Research and Academic Internships in Israel with Masa

Israel is a world leader in technology, medicine, high-tech, and agriculture.
Our internationally acknowledged universities will give you direct exposure to Israel’s best and brightest minds to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

The Masa Academic Research Internships offer a great chance to conduct research and gain internship experience at an Israeli university or laboratory while also being able to interact with a community of Israeli and international researchers.  By becoming a Masa Fellow on your research and academic internship you join the greater Masa community as well. Your experience living in Israel, immersing yourself in a foreign culture, and acquiring another language will set you apart and provide you with tools and connections that will last a lifetime.

Choose from these four academic research programs:

Why do a research internship in Israel? 

As a Research Intern, you will be doing actual research and gaining hands-on experience at one of the leading universities and institutions in Israel and the world. A research Internship in Israel allows you to be a part of the next big thing. Participate in research that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. From computer sciences to cybersecurity to bio-engineering, desert ecology, and other fields of academia – innovation is buzzing around us in Israel and you can take part in it!

What’s next? This is the question that drives innovation, and Israel is leading the way. Our small startup nation has grown exponentially in recent years as one of the world’s most innovative countries. It has the highest number of Nobel Peace Prizes per capita in the world. An ecosystem of creativity, cutting-edge technology, and research allows you to explore possibilities of your own breakthroughs. With an aptitude for exploring innovations, Israel is a place where curiosity meets inspiration every step of the way.

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