Jewish Studies in Israel

Masa Israel Journey offers a range of Jewish Studies programs designed to deepen your connection to the Jewish people.
Whether you are a recent yeshiva high school graduate, a Jewish studies major looking for a semester abroad, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge of Jewish studies and command of the Hebrew language, Masa is committed to providing you with the top academic Jewish studies experience in Israel.

Jewish Studies Programs

Jewish studies programs range from rigorous interdisciplinary studies of the Jewish people and civilization at some of the world’s top universities, to Torah instruction and study at Israel’s leading yeshivas and seminaries. Through Masa’s Jewish studies program, participants will have the opportunity to study for a career in the Jewish community, Jewish education, Rabbinical studies, and develop and a deeper understanding of world Jewry.

Delve into the history of the Jewish people, explore your own Jewish identity, gain familiarity with a wide variety of Jewish texts or study to become a Jewish communal professional.

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Study Torah, Learn Hebrew, Live as an Israeli

Choose from a wide array of Jewish studies
Hebrew learning is provided with weekly ulpan classes
Local housing/dorms and health insurance are provided through program organizers
Grants and scholarships are available to help with Gap program costs and other day-to-day needs

Immersive Experience in Israel

Your Israel, Any Way You Want It

Integrate with local culture in your home city
White compass
Venture out on your own to explore the Israel you want to see
Travel around the country with organized trips
Volunteer opportunities available in many areas of ‘tikkun olam’ such as working with African refugees, underprivileged youth, Jewish-Arab coexistence, and more

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