Our teaching fellows aim to strengthen spoken and written English skills with students in periphery cities. Their goal is to bring their skill set as native English speakers into the classroom and inspire their students to become comfortable with English communication. Our teaching fellows work with students ranging from 7 -13 years old.

Goals of the STEM track: We aim to inspire the next generation of Israeli students not only through English classes but also with project-based learning through STEM.

As a STEM fellow, you will have the opportunity to lead project/projects throughout the year that expose students to STEM through basic experiments/projects during their English lesson.

STEM Track Locations: The STEM track is available in Be’er Sheva for the full 10 months or for five months in Beit Shean, with successful STEM eco-systems and five months in Israel’s StartUp nation, Tel Aviv!

Who can apply? If you have a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics and motivation, you can make a meaningful impact on Israeli society. Background in education is a plus, but not a must.

Example of a STEM Project from our fellows:

Bridge Building

Description: Build a bridge from wooden sticks. Bridge then tested to withstand certain weight. Winning team is the one that uses the least number of wooden sticks to build bridge


Key Concepts pre experiment: Review how expensive certain buildings are. Also teach that that there is a downwards force from the weight and an upwards force from the bridge. Draw figure below on white board and explain to students

Material: 1) Wooden sticks 2) tape 3) string 4) glue 5) two desks to build the bridge across 6) a cup filled with some rocks to act as weight


Assessment: Print this on small papers and hand to students after experiment

  • Why is it important to use less building materials?


STEM time table TLV+Beit Shean

  • September-January- 1st city location (TLV or Beit Shean)
  • September- October- Standard English curriculum.
  • Early November- intensive and enriching STEM training and preparation
  • Mid-November- Integrating STEM into the Israeli classroom.
  • February- Moving to 2nd city location  (TLV or Beit Shean)
  • Feb – March – Standard English curriculum.
  • Early April- Enriching STEM training and preparation
  • May and June – Integrating STEM into the Israeli classroom.


STEM time table Be’er Sheva:

  • September- December- Standard English curriculum.
  • Early January- intensive and enriching STEM training and preparation
  • Mid-January- July Integrating STEM into the Israeli classroom


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