seminaries in israel

Seminaries in Israel

41 Seminaries in Israel to Deepen Your Jewish Studies

If you’re interested in coming to Israel to deepen your Jewish studies, your spirituality, and your connection to the Jewish people and the history of the land – Masa offers Jewish studies programs in the leading seminaries in Israel. 

Since our creation in 2004 , Masa has been bringing thousands of Jewish students a year to experience our dozens of seminary programs in Israel. Our seminary programs range from introductory to advanced courses in interdisciplinary studies of modern Jewish people, ancient Jewish history and archaeological studies, Torah instruction and study, and Hebrew language studies. 

Not only do you get to learn about these different aspects of Jewish studies in seminaries in Israel, but you get to experience the land where it all happened. We take our Masa Fellows on trips across the country (biblical and otherwise), offer opportunities for volunteering in many areas of tikkun olam, and organize Masa-wide events through which they get to meet a global network of friends.

Check out the list below of Masa’s seminaries in Israel and their locations!

Masa’s Seminaries in Israel


Attending a seminary in Israel gives you the opportunity to study Judaism in an open-minded environment alongside peers with similar backgrounds, find answers to all your life-sized questions, and learn enough to keep you asking even more. 

Ready? Apply for a Masa Israel seminary program today!

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