MITF Career Development Opportunities Outside the Classroom

What are Career Development opportunities? In addition to teaching English, MITF fellows volunteer 5 weekly hours with the goal of connecting with the community in spaces outside of the classroom and to reflect the passions and skills of the teaching fellows. 

MITF Israeli coordinators will support fellows in choosing or designing their personalized volunteer project on-the-ground. OR you can choose from one of our exclusive volunteer tracks and have your project finalized before your arrival. 

Choose from one of our diverse career development opportunities working with the special needs or LGBTQ+ populations, or with an NGO! 

*Please note that these career development opportunities are associated with specific cities. 

Rishon L’Tzion
Be’er Sheva

ALUT: Society for Youth with Autism

What is ALUT?

ALUT centers offer after-school social frameworks for children and youth on the autistic spectrum. These activities take place in groups 2-3 times a week and participate in additional activities. The goal of ALUT’s children division is to provide developmental and provisional programming to act as rehabilitative-educational services for toddlers, children, and their families. The center also strives to preserve and promote the rights of families with young children with autism.

What will I do on the ALUT Volunteering track?

MITF volunteers will lead social activities while providing crucial individual social, emotional, and life skills. Members from ALUT’s team will work with the fellows to pair them with small groups of participants and connect them to the ALUT community.

Who can apply to this track?

Open to those with a relevant degree and/ or experience working with kids/adults with special needs. Exclusively offered in facilities located in Rishon L’Tzion, Be’er Sheva and Rahat.

Framework for ALUT Volunteering Track:

Weekly volunteering (Once a week)

Hours: 4pm -7:30pm


NGO: Appleseeds Academy

What are the NGO options?

Ramle is the heart of social justice and NGO work, and as such there are multiple ways to partner with these organizations. MITF has an exclusive partnership with Appleseeds Academy, a non-profit which helps residents step into the digital world and build skills for further professional and social success. 

What will I do on the NGO volunteering track?

Fellows will primarily volunteer with the Net@ program—a technology youth movement for students in grades 5-12 which promotes excellence in both tech and social leadership skills.

Who can apply to this track?

Open to all accepted MITF fellows located in Ramle.
Experience in tech preferred. 

Framework for NGO Volunteering Track:

Weekly volunteering (Once a week)
Tel Aviv

Israel Gay Youth (IGY)

What is IGY?

Israel Gay Youth (IGY) is a socio-educational organization which aims to work for the empowerment of LGBTQ+ youth in both formal and informal educational frameworks, to create meaningful social frameworks for them, and to work to see them play a significant part in shaping the LGBTQ+ community in particular and Israeli society in general.

What will I do on the IGY volunteering track?

Join IGY's community of facilitators! IGY facilitators can take on a wide range of roles, from facilitating groups of LGBTQ+ teenagers or young people throughout the country, to facilitating in various youth clubs, correspondence with youth from all across the country through our digital platforms, or facilitating groups specifically for LGBTQ+ Arab youth, religious and ultra-Orthodox youth, trans youth and more.

Who can apply to this track?

Open to all accepted MITF fellows located in Tel Aviv. 

Framework for NGO Volunteering Track:

Each volunteering opportunity requires at least one activity per week (between 4-5 hours per week), and availability for team-building days and training on weekends once a month.

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