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GDC Israel is a hands-on program at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, a UN recognized organization, which incorporates practical, diplomatic skills-building workshops and an authentic Israel experience.

GDC Israel offers:

  • Amazing public speaking workshops, instructed by a leading mentor. Offering you a complete set of tools and skills: oratory, messaging and advanced communications proficiencies.

  • Innovative academic studies, lessons, discussions and lectures focusing on:

  • Israel's unique characteristics in the global political landscape
    • Influence of key international players on Israel’s legal standing
    • The origins of Zionism, Israel’s internal politics & civil society

  • Advanced legal studies in the field of international humanitarian & human rights law, inspirational guest lecturers, and fascinating encounters with professionals

  • Internship in a leading UN recognized organization – working in the field of human rights, international law & public diplomacy

  • Career counseling and assistance writing personalized, goal-oriented resumes

  • Hebrew lessons (Ulpan)

  • The opportunity to live like a local, play like a tourist! Explore the beauty and the richness of Israel through trips and unique experiences around the country

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GDC Israel delivers a comprehensive program that will jump-start your future professional career.

As a GDC Israel graduate, you will enjoy a significant advantage in the competitive and ever-changing working world. You will be ready to lead your own generation and impact Israel's interests in the international arena.

About the Jerusalem Institute of Justice:

JIJ is a leading legal-research institute that strives to uphold Human Rights in the Middle East and safeguard the legitimate standing of the State of Israel among the nations. Our International Law & Public Diplomacy department operates both in the international legal arena, as well as in the public diplomacy arena, using legal and advocacy tools. JIJ is proud to hold the most prestigious “Consultative Status” to the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations, for our contribution to the protection of Human Rights.

More Information:

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About Jerusalem

The city where past and present meet. Established over 3,000 years ago, the city of Jerusalem offers you the chance to literally reach out and touch the past. Known as the city of gold, Jerusalem is a magical mix of ancient and modern, where outdoor shuks (markets) rub shoulders with gleaming office towers. The city's most popular spots include a vibrant downtown with world-class restaurants and shopping, and the Old City, a maze of winding alleyways and colorful markets enclosed by walls dating back to the 16th century.

After The Program You Will

Gain hands-on experience

Build lifelong professional & social networks

Return home with an impressive, enhanced resume

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0 Reviews

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