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MasaTech is an elite career relocation program that places tech professionals from around the world with leading, cutting-edge Israeli tech companies. If you’re an experienced tech professional who’s looking for an opportunity to experience Israel like a local while getting hands-on, fully paid work experience with the elite of the Israeli tech world, MasaTech is waiting for you.

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About the Organizers


Minimum 3 years of working experience (internships not included) in the field you are applying for

Age 22-40 years of age

Proficient in English

Any tech professional with a minimum of three years of relevant work experience in the following fields – AI, Data scientist, Hardware, Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile (Android/iOS) Algorithms, Data science, RT embedded, Machine learning, DevOps – will be considered for the MasaTech program. The Israeli high-tech market is extremely competitive, and therefore this program is only open to professionals with experience in their field.


MasaTech begins on an individual, rolling basis. Once a MasaTech Fellow has signed with an Israeli company, the Fellow is required to enter Israel 30 days from the day the contract was signed.

Israel, the high-tech capital and startup nation of the world is world-renowned for its research and technological advancements. It’s where companies turn to for creativity, innovation, and growth. Today, Israel boasts thousands of tech companies in various fields.

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We know the demand for experienced, quality employees is high, and we’re here to help you. As Israel’s leading career relocation program for programmers and engineers, the MasaTech team cherry-picks talents from around the world that will boost your team with international expertise.

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From biotechnology to cybersecurity to software, Israel’s robust high-tech sector brings new and exciting professional opportunities.

MasaTech offers experienced professionals opportunities to work in Israel’s leading tech companies. Candidates accepted into the MasaTech program receive unparalleled professional training and guaranteed full-time employment with an annual range of salary between $50,000 and $150,000. MasaTech partners are seeking professionals with experience in tech-related fields, including Hardware, Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Mobile (Android/iOS) Algorithms, Data science, RT embedded, Machine learning, and DevOps.

To facilitate your seamless transition to Israel, we have prepared for you a relocation safety net. During the initial six months, we will provide you with a comprehensive support system encompassing bureaucratic assistance, logistical support, social integration, and educational resources. This safety net will pave the way for your successful and sustained progression in Israel.

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MasaTech is more than just a job in high-tech…. MasaTech fellows also receive:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Work visa for the length of the program with up to optional 5-year extension
  • Ultimate Relocation Soft Landing Package
  • Professional Cross-Cultural Training
  • Interview and Resume Assistance
  • Contract of at least 10-months of guaranteed full-time employment

  • Relocation Package – Logistics

    Your job looks after your professional life while we take care of the rest.

    Interview prep, resume review and placement assistance prior to arrival
    Assistance with bureaucratic processes upon arrival (Ex: Opening a bank account, local authority appointments, etc)
    Housing and health insurance are provided through the program organizer for the first month of the program
    Work Visa

    Immersive Experience in Israel

    Embark on transformative journeys with Masa’s immersive experiences.

    Professional cross cultural training
    Professional and social networking events
    Group social activities and travel around Israel
    Group social activities and travel around Israel

    Companies we proudly work with

    Our Partners

    • Israel’s Prime Minister Office
    • The Jewish Agency for Israel
    • The National Economic Council
    • Israel Innovation Authority
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