MITF Teacher’s Track

The MITF Teacher’s Track is an exclusive track that is offered to certified teachers. TT fellows are placed one per school. There, they are assigned a Host Teacher—an Israeli English teacher— and work together with him/her. The TT fellows co-teach, meaning, they work together (two teachers) in the classroom.

The goal of the Teachers Track is to integrate certified teachers from abroad into the education system. By joining the teacher’s track, you will be able to apply your skills and knowledge in education and incorporate new and relevant strategies that may not be used in the Israeli classroom.

Please note that ONLY teachers certified for public schools can apply to this track.

No Hebrew? No problem! If you are nervous about not knowing the Hebrew language, we find that it is more beneficial for the students to learn from you and with you as they teach you their favorite phrases in their language.

Outside the Classroom

Exposure Visits

As part of the Teacher’s Track, fellows are invited to special exposure visits in which they observe the diverse styles between fellows and host teachers, or dynamics in a mixed language (Arab-Hebrew) class. 

TT fellows also have the honor of visiting Gordon College of Education in Haifa for sessions on innovation in pedagogy.  

Regional Training Days

In addition to Masa facilitated pedagogical training, TT fellows have the opportunity to lead Regional Training Days for their peers and to share their skills and expertise. 

Why the Teacher’s Track?

  • 3000 NIS Monthly Stipend (Approx. $980 USD)
  • Peer Learning – Share your skills and experiences with others!
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Additional trips in Israel
  • International Teaching Experience

What Our Teaching Fellows Say…

Sample Lesson Plan from Our Teaching Track Fellows

Text Message Slang 

Description: Create a virtual game to test students’ knowledge of English text message slang and acronyms. After, have students create their own “text message” conversations using new vocabulary or acronyms. 

Materials: Access to a projector and an online-platform (Kahoot, Quizlet, Canva). 

*Bonus*: Create text message templates for students to fill in during the activity.


Assessment: Have two or three pairs of students act out their new conversations. 

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