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Study in Israel
Min - between 6-8 months
University Dorms

Ariel University – Research


Ariel University offers to candidates aged 21 to 34, who are interested in science, to complete a unique academic program – an individual research work under the guidance of leading specialists from the relevant field.


The aim of the program is to enable young scientists to develop their scientific research. The main feature of the project is an individual approach to the construction of the study: the selection of a supervisor before the start of the program; formation of an individual scientific work plan; if it's needed, access to research centers and laboratories.

During the program, participants are getting acquainted with the culture, history and peculiarities of life in Israel, and also are gaining new experience and new acquaintances.

The program includes:

·        Intensive Hebrew course in Ulpan (500 hours)

·        Lectures on the history and culture of Israel

·        Excursions and student activities

·        Accommodation in student dormitory on the campus of Ariel University

Detailed information about this program is provided in "Study Tracks".

Additional information:


Study Tracks

Check out the various opportunities available on this program! Click on the program names below for more information on each track and to find out which is right for you. When you’ve found the one you’re interested in, go ahead and fill out the “more info” form - a program representative will be in touch with you shortly.


This program is open for students, who are planning to get PhD degree, ambitious scientists, creative researchers, future professors and those who wish to expand the scope of scientific research.

The program is based on individual research work under the supervision of one of the scientists of the relevant department.

– The selection of a supervisor takes place before the start of the program.
– Together with the supervisor, a personalized work plan is created for each participant.
– Participants gain access to research centers/laboratories and databases in their field of research.
– There is a possibility of continued research activities at Ariel University, as well as the publication of successful papers

Admission criteria for the program:
• Age: 21 – 34
• Complete higher education
• Individual interview
• Fluent English

Health insurance and accommodation in student dormitory are included in Masa program.

About Ari’el

Ariel is known as an ancient city with biblical and spiritual roots. As the capital of Samaria, Ariel is home to the 3,000 year old ruins of an ancient Jewish city, stalactite caves, Eshel Hashomron Hotel – the only hotel in Samaria, and the famous tombs of biblical figures. Aside from its rich history, Ariel is a university city known for its diversity: Jews, Arabs, secular, observant, recent immigrants, and born-and-raised Israelis. Ariel also brings Israelis and Palestinians together to work side by side at the Ariel Industrial Park and at the many sports centers and fields that make up much of the city’s culture.
A little over half an hour away from Tel Aviv, Ariel offers attractions within its city limits as well as past them – take the time to explore Israel from this biblical city.

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11 Reviews

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