The typical length of the application process (from prequalification to receiving a response from the review committee) is 6-8 weeks. The majority of this time is spent on completing and receiving the supplemental documents required, we recommend beginning these steps as soon as you can – book doctor appointments, apply for a background check, etc. – in order to be able to secure your top choice city. 

Step 1: Pre-qualification and Main application

Find out if you are eligible and check out a city that is right for you here –

How to choose a city? 

  • Choose a city on your prequalification form
    • See a city that catches your eye? Choose this city in your prequalification application and you will be taken to the Calendly of the relevant recruiter to schedule an info call with the recruiter from that city and speak with them about the opportunities that await you! 


  • Choose “I need more information”
    • After choosing this option you will be taken to a website to schedule an info call with me, Vanessa Better, the MITF recruitment coordinator to learn about all of your city options and I will help you get connected to the recruiter from that city for you to speak with!

Step 2: Initial placement conversation

Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by a recruitment representative who will relay your next steps in the application process (different cities have different recruitment coordinators).

Step 3: Placement interview (Zoom interview)

In this interview, you will speak with a professional from the placement city you selected. You’ll be able to hear more about the day-to-day of the fellowship, ask specific questions, and request to connect with a current or past fellow who was or is placed in that city. You’ll have a chance to discuss your academic and professional history as it relates to the content of the fellowship.  You must have your written application submitted in order to complete a Zoom interview.

*Please only schedule an interview with the city you are ready to move forward with*

Step 4: Submit supplemental documents

Supplemental documents are only required to be completed AFTER the interview. You will receive a link to your application portal after you submit your written documents. This application portal will give you access to the forms you will need to download and have filled out by your health professionals. (Please note: Your health professionals must fill out the Masa form provided through the portal – other forms will not be accepted)

  • Background check – please speak with your recruitment coordinator about the background check requirements
  • Medical Form + Recommendation filled out by doctor/PCP
  • Letter from Mental Health professional(s) seen by the applicant as well as by the health professional that prescribes mental health medication

Step 5: Final decision received by the applicant

After all components of your application have been submitted, and all interviews completed, the admissions committee will review your application package and make a final decision. You’ll receive a notification via email. If you are not accepted by your first-choice placement, you may have the opportunity to interview for another placement. You will be notified if this is the case.

Step 6: For accepted Fellows only: Submit deposit

If you are accepted as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, you will have 2 weeks from your notification date to accept your offer and secure your spot, by submitting a $300 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the program cost of $1200.You may also choose to defer your acceptance to the following deadline. Please be advised that by deferring your acceptance, you are not guaranteed a spot in the program. However, you will not need to reapply or conduct any further interviews. If you are submitting your application for consideration for the final deadline, you will not have the option to defer your decision.

All questions regarding the steps of the MITF application can be answered by a city coordinator or Vanessa Better 

B’hatzlicha – Good Luck!
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