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  • The Israel Education Initiative (IEI) educates Masa Fellows to develop and hone their ability to articulate their narratives around Israel and Zionism and advance their knowledge of Israel-related issues in order to empower them to lead and mobilize themselves and their communities around the contemporary Israel conversation.

    All programing is designed and run by a team of trained and experienced Israel educators and is generously subsidized by Masa in partnership with The Paul E. Singer Foundation (TPESF).


    Israel Course

    Our course is not just a course about Israel. It is an exploration of Zionism and Israel through history, culture, politics, current events, and more. Students have the opportunity to examine multiple narratives, ask tough questions, engage in real conversations with their teachers, peers and guest speakers. We focus less on knowing what to answer in a debate and more on understanding the source of the political identity of Zionists and Palestinians to help students come to their own conclusions about Israel, the conflict and their own identities.

    Additional Courses

    Israeli Politics, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Religious Zionism, Israel & Woke Politics, The Online Israel Conversations, Jewish History and Encountering the Zionist Cannon.





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    Tours, Seminars & Guest Lectures

    Tours & Seminars

    The IEI offers tours, half and full day seminars, interactive presentations and expert guest lectures on a variety of topics.

    Tours & Seminars include but are not limited to:

    • Jerusalem as a case study of the Conflict
    • Jaffa – a model of shared existence?
    • Geopolitical tours of the Green Line and the Gaza Border Region


    Guest Lectures

    Topic-based sessions on a variety of issues with our Israel education faculty and/or expert speakers on issues include but are not limited to:

    • The US-Israel Relationship
    • Palestinian Narrative
    • Zionism & the Jewish Question
    • 21st Century Challenges for Israeli Society
    • The US-Israel Relationship
    • Israeli Politics Today. 



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    Beit Hanasi Tour and Educational Workshop

    For the first time, in partnership with the Israeli President’s Visitors and Workshops Center, the Masa Leadership and Impact Center is offering guided tours and educational workshops at the President’s Residence – designed uniquely for Masa fellows.

    In our ‘behind the scenes’ tour at the heart of Israel’s symbolic home, you will:

    ▪ Discover more about the history and role of the Israeli presidency.

    ▪ Meet notable former presidents and learn about their impact and influence.

    ▪ Explore the fascinating relationships between the presidents, Israeli society, and the Jewish world.

    Through exploring the personality and leadership of President Herzog, our workshops will place you at the heart of the Jewish world, asking big questions about Jewish and Zionist identity, and the role the State of Israel plays in our personal lives, in our communities and on the world stage.

    If you’re interested in bringing your Masa fellows to this experience.

    Online Israel Engagement

    To engage our current students and alumni beyond the classroom and the field, we offer two forms of online education, our podcast and bi-weekly news flash.

    The Israel Conversation podcast brings contemporary, challenging, and compelling Israel issues to light in ways that help us stay connected with what’s really going on, on the ground. We host Israeli and Global Jewish thought leaders, politicians, journalists and activists to give us the most up to date and powerful insight for our students, alumni and Israel enthusiasts. Previous guests on our podcast include Natan Sharansky, Daniel B. Shapiro, Miri Eisen, and Aaron David Miler.

    Weekly WhatsApp Israel Updates

    The IEI sends out bi-weekly news updates to 500+ students that have opted in to this weekly update from our Israel education team. Here is an example of a weekly news.

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    About IEI's Educational Approach:

    • Multi-Vocal: We teach and encourage dialogue around different approaches to Israel and Zionism.
    • Values-Driven: We do not (just) teach history, we teach values, and help students figure out what’s important to them so they can be empowered to engage others.
    • Rooted: We help define why Israel is at the core of the Jewish people.
    • Engages Head, Heart, and Hands: We teach experientially, using the real-life Israeli context and impart knowledge at the same time in ways that are mutually supportive.
    • Research-Based: We design material and teaching practices based upon the trends and challenges particularly related to young adult learning and Israel education.
    • Skills to Facilitate Complex Conversations: We help students articulate their own opinions and perspectives while respecting and listening to alternative viewpoints.
    • Consultative with our Partners: We co-design and shape educational programming with our partners – Masa program organizers!

    The Israel Education Initiative is a Masa Leadership and Impact Center initiative. The Masa Leadership & Impact Center builds the capacity of Masa Fellows and alumni to shape, diversify and strengthen the Jewish world, Israel and beyond.

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