Additional Jewish Scholarships for Programs & Colleges in Israel

There are a variety of resources outside of Masa Israel Journey that can help fund your Israel experience. From Jewish scholarships for volunteer and internship programs to scholarships for Jewish students, there are dozens of ways to subsidize your journey to Israel. Both national and local Jewish scholarships are available for high school graduates trying to fund their Israel experience.  Many Fellows find additional Jewish scholarships and funding through their local Jewish Federation or local synagogue. Below is a list of Jewish scholarships which are eligible to fund your Masa program. If you need help finding additional Jewish scholarships, contact us today. 

Jewish Scholarships for Programs in Israel

Jewish College Scholarships - List of Scholarships for Jewish Students

Whether you just finished high school and seek a memorable academic gap experience, wish to take a semester aboard during your undergraduate studies, or if you’ve completed undergraduate studies and wish to pursue a highly specialized graduate degree, there are plenty of scholarships for Jewish students available.  Take a look at some of the many programs and foundations that provide college scholarships for Jewish students.


Jewish Scholarship FAQs

What Kind of Jewish Scholarships Can I Apply To?

There are many federations, synagogues, foundations, and community centers that offer Jewish scholarships for young adults seeking an Israel experience. Jewish scholarships defray the costs of college or Israel programs. But unlike loans, scholarships are free. They may fund studies and programs in the US or abroad in Israel.

How Do I apply for a Jewish Scholarship from These Organizations?

To apply for a scholarship, you will also have to meet various eligibility requirements. 

Below are examples of criteria to meet in order to be eligible for a Jewish Scholarship:

  • Being a resident of a certain area or state
  • An active member of a Jewish youth movement
  • An active promoter of Judaism, Israel or your local Jewish community
  • Enrolled at a certain college

Where Can I Find Jewish Scholarships?

Most Jewish foundations and schools offer scholarships. These funds may pay for academic and career training. For example, the Masa Israel Grant helps Jewish students travel to Israel for 4-10 months. Eligible Jewish participants must not be citizens of Israel and must have graduated from high school. To apply, you must submit an online application and financial information in order to qualify.

How Do I Apply for a Jewish Scholarship from Masa?

After checking you are eligible to participate in Masa apply to your chosen program via the Masa website. You will then receive a username and password to your personal portal where you can check your funding status, contact Masa, and catch up on Masa events and updates.

Why Apply for a Jewish Scholarship?

Scholarships help pay and subsidize your Israel experience including tuition, fees, accommodations, and more. Other scholarships may help with study abroad and getting to know your Jewish heritage. 

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