Why Intern in Tel Aviv?

Are you looking for an opportunity to experience a different culture and gain valuable skills in an exciting, fast-paced environment? Then consider our Internship programs in Tel Aviv. As a global city, Tel Aviv is full of up-and-coming companies and already established ones, in which you can participate and contribute to its success. After all, Tel Aviv is the leading high-tech hub, boasting cutting-edge innovations across every industry. Masa offers you the opportunity to advance and build your career in the heart of Tel Aviv.

What’s it like to intern in Tel Aviv? (atmosphere, culture)

Working in Tel Aviv means working from a technology hub with a vibrant young culture. Tel Aviv is the heart of Israel’s burgeoning startup scene. The city is home to world-renowned companies, where Fellows will gain experience interning while learning how Israeli companies operate. This gives them valuable exposure to what it’s like to work in an Israeli company with Israelis while bringing their unique backgrounds to the table.

Tel Aviv Work Culture

If you come from a culture with a more formal work environment, Tel Aviv can be an eye-opening experience. The work culture in Tel Aviv, and in general in Israel, is most likely very different from the one you are used to in your home country. While each company has its own DNA, the overall atmosphere is relaxed and non-hierarchical. The dress code is work casual, and a significant emphasis is placed on the work community. People start working later in the day, around 9-10 am, and finish around 5-7 pm.

Getting to Your Tel Aviv Internship

Getting to your internship is relatively easy in Tel Aviv. You can either take the bus, monit sherut (shuttle buses), scooters, or walk to your office, depending on where you live and where the offices are located. Tel Aviv is not so big; therefore, it is possible to walk almost everywhere.

Work-Life Balance

In general, there is respect for one’s personal life. Therefore, the work-life balance is a pleasurable plus during your internship in Tel Aviv. The Covid-19 pandemic influenced all of us. Consequently, you might find that your internship will follow the hybrid model. In your free time, you can enjoy the beach, explore the many museums, join a gym, and explore the delicious food scene and nightlife.

Tel Aviv Companies You Can Intern At

Here are just a few companies where you can land an internship in Tel Aviv. These companies have become global successes and you can contribute to it. Our database below includes many more companies that will greatly benefit your professional career and introduce you to the bustling world of high-tech/start-up scene or whichever field you are looking for. 

  • SimilarWeb
  • Monday.com
  • Fiverr
  • Hibob

Masa Career Events in Tel Aviv

When you join Masa and become a Fellow, you are automatically granted access to all Masa Events, including our professional networking events. At these events you can meet new companies and send them your CV if you decide to stay in Israel and are looking for a job.

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