Masa Israel Journey and BINA provide support throughout your next steps.

All fellows that successfully complete the full duration (10 months) of the program are eligible for ticket reimbursement for the cost of your ticket up to $1,000 USD. If you voluntarily leave the program early, or if you are removed from the program due

to violation of programming rules and policies, you are not eligible for the post- program flight reimbursement. This payment will be coordinated through your city organizer.

You are required to have a LOCAL Israeli cell phone number while on the program for security reasons. A foreign number that works in Israel is not sufficient.

Easiest option: Arrive in Israel with an unlocked phone and to purchase a sim once you get here. You can go to the closest mall once you arrive and get a sim straight away.  Phone contracts are much cheaper in Israel, so it is very easy to get a contract with a lot of data. Contact your phone company before, unlocking your sim and ask if you can transfer your number to a pay as you go sim to keep your original number.

6 major phone companies in Israel: Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, Hot Mobile, Golan Telecom and we4G. Hot Mobile and Golan Telecom are two of the more popular choices.

You will be provided with mandatory Israeli medical insurance for the specific dates of your participation on this program. This insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions and prescription medications from doctors outside of Israel. If you are taking prescription medication of any kind, please make sure to bring adequate dosages to cover the length of this program.  Dental care is not covered by our program insurance. The medical insurance coverage provided is only valid within Israel.

As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, your rent and apartment bills (including water, electricity, wifi, excluding food) will be covered by Masa Israel Journey and the Ministry of Education.

We suggest you budget $300-$600 a month for food and personal expenses throughout the program. 

Opening of bank accounts will take place during the first few weeks of the program. To open a bank account, you must bring your passport, a copy of their passport, a second form of picture ID (i.e. drivers’ license) and provide their social security number. It is recommended to bring a credit card with you from your country in case of delays in opening your bank account.

Hebrew and Arabic Courses

Immerse yourself in the culture and language of Israeli society.


All fellows on the program will be enrolled in Hebrew or Arabic lessons which will take place twice per week on a set schedule. We offer three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Pro Tip​: You can download any language app like Duolingo and start getting familiar with the letters and sounds.

Weekly Schedule

Check out what your daily experience as an MITF fellow will look like!

Sunday: *Educational experience or trip day with my city provider

Monday: *School 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM, *Ulpan at 7:00 PM

Tuesday: *School 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM, *After school volunteering

Wednesday:  Day Off!

Thursday: *School 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM, *After school volunteering , *Ulpan at 7:00 PM

Friday: *School 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Saturday/Shabbat – Day Off!

You’re Invited to Our Zoom-in Sessions!

Come join our upcoming “Zoom-in” Sessions with our current fellows to gain an insider look at MITF. These are 30-minute webinars to learn the secrets of success for an incredible 10-months – only offered to those with paid deposits.

Please join for one or more sessions to learn how to create YOUR MITF journey. 

March 5th: “When I’m Not Teaching…”

April 2nd: “Budgeting Your 10-Months”

May 7th: “Maximizing your Travel During Breaks” 

June 4th: “Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before MITF” 

All sessions will be held at 1 PM EST

Questions? Contact 

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