Yulia and Ravino didn’t know what to expect when they came to Israel as part of Masa’s Art-Tel, a career development program for Russian-speakers. Natives of Ukraine and Germany, respectively, and complete strangers to one another, the two only knew that Masa would be an opportunity for personal and professional growth. But when they both attended the first day of their Masa program, they quickly realized that the Israel experience would be more than just networking. “We saw each other on the first day of our Masa program,” Yulia recalled. “It was true love from the very first sight.”

For Kirill and Anna, two Masa fellows from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, the first few weeks of programming went a little differently.  “At first we were just friends,” explained Anna. “Little by little we started to date.”

The two couples may have fallen for each other at slightly different rates, but both found everlasting relationships through Israel, where they now live permanently. The opportunity provided by Masa, they agree, is the reason they found love, pursued their ambitions, and ultimately made Aliyah.

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