Everything You Need to Know About Ulpan in Israel

Have you ever wanted to pick up a new hobby, side gig, or even learn a new language but thought you may have surpassed that capability? While Hebrew may be a complex language it is actually rather easy to learn! Spending time in Israel for a long or short period of time will inevitably have you learning a few words here and there, and maybe even getting you closer to speaking the language fluently, but imagine knowing the entire language and speaking like a local in less than five months! You can learn Hebrew in Israel in an ulpan and also be a part of a Masa program where you will meet internationals just like you! Nothing compares to an in-person immersion into Israeli society. Our customized programs put you in the heart of Israeli culture, giving you the boost toward learning Hebrew as quickly as possible.

First Things First, What is an Ulpan?

An ulpan is where you learn Hebrew in an intensive learning program located all around Israel. 

How Does Ulpan Work?

Before you begin, the ulpan will evaluate your proficiency in Hebrew in order to assign you to the right class and level. Once you begin your class, remember to relax and enjoy the process.  And if you decide to come on a Masa program, you are automatically granted to join an ulpan through your chosen program.

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But what is Masa and Does it Offer Ulpan? 

Masa Israel Journey offers life-transforming, long-term opportunities in Israel that allow Fellows to shape their own future. Masa fosters an environment where Fellows are encouraged to strive towards their personal and professional destinations both during and after their program in Israel.

While being part of a Masa program, you are given the opportunity to learn Hebrew at the speed of light and meet Jewish internationals just like you who would be a part of your program as well as your ulpan. All of our Masa programs offer ulpan, fueling the opportunity to be fluent in Hebrew in no time, While also enhancing your experience in Israel. 

Which Ulpan Style is Best for You and Where Are the Top Ulpans in Israel? 

There are so many ulpanim to choose from. Some are more traditional in their teaching style, like Ulpan Gordon in northern Tel Aviv. There are classes running all the time, with a large number of people attending them. Whereas Ulpan Bayit in the heart of Florentin in Tel Aviv, has smaller classes, which uses texts from Israeli media, poems, and short stories as a way to learn the language. In Jerusalem, Ulpan Aviv on the other hand offers an intensive 10 day, individualized course. Each teacher works with one student at a time. This allows maximum opportunity for a student to speak and practice their language skills. Each class is tailor-made to suit the individual student.

If these ulpanim don’t work for you, nor does their style, there are so many more to choose from. Let’s get you started with the right program and the right environment for you to begin your journey to learn Hebrew. 

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Common FAQ’s About Ulpan in Israel

Where Can I learn Hebrew?

Start speaking the most practical and Immersive Hebrew from anywhere in the world at flexible hours – from absolute beginners to highly advanced, There is a level for Everyone. Ulpan simply means studio! It is designed to teach adult immigrants to Israel the basic language skills of conversation, writing, and comprehension.

Taking part in an ulpan will undoubtedly connect you to the Israeli culture, no matter where you are studying Hebrew from – whether it be in Israel or anywhere else in the world via online programs, like at Citizen Cafe, and self-study kits.

Is a New language Hard to Pick Up On?

Maybe you thought as you get older, there is no way to learn a new language even if you wanted to. Well, there is and we have the perfect way to do it. In ulpan, you will learn to speak, read, and write in Hebrew, as well as begin to familiarize yourself with Israeli society.

Is Ulpan Free?

Most major Israeli cities and many smaller ones offer a variety of levels of Hebrew instruction. The most common study format is five hours a day, five days a week for five months. However, based on which ulpan you choose, there are also much shorter programs that meet with less frequency, 

While Ulpan is highly reputable, it’s expensive and usually costs around $1,450 to $1,700, plus an application fee. However, if you are a part of a Masa program, then you will have Ulpan as yet another option under the many perks.

How Difficult is it to Get Through an Ulpan Course?

These Ulpan courses are generally intensive and immersive and typically cater to new immigrants (Olim) and students. Many ulpan courses are recognized by Misrad Haklita (the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) and are free of charge for new Olim

Hebrew isn’t a particularly difficult language to learn. The verb tenses are quite simple compared to Spanish (my mother tongue) and English, the pronunciation is easy, and it’s mostly a “logical” language.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning Hebrew today! And while you’re at it, check out all the awesome programs Masa has to offer here.  

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