Israel is home to some of the best hikes and camping in the world! From the Israel Trail, Sea to Sea, to short day hikes, Israel has it all. Masa has put together a list of some of the best hikes, national parks, and camp grounds to help you get started. The campgrounds range in the amenities they offer and activities nearby, so read carefully and enjoy camping!

Our Picks for the Best Campsites in Israel

Be’erot Campground

camping site in Israel Be’erot

The Be’erot Campground is the only campsite located inside the Ramon Crater, the Grand Canyon of Israel, so if you want to see the breathtaking views of the crater make sure to camp out at Be’erot. The quiet of the campground allows you to relax in nature during the day and, with the lack of light pollution in the area, stargaze at night! The campsite offers full lighting, drinking fountains, bonfire areas, mobile phone charging units, restrooms, showers, a fridge room, and a sink! Just a short drive from Mitzpe Ramon, Be’erot Campground is close to many attractions such as rappelling, camel rides, jeep tours, and exhilarating hikes. The sunsets are also fantastic at the Be’erot Campground!

Campsite Masada West

Campsite Masada West

The Masada West Campsite is located near three incredible national parks: Masada National Park, Tel Arad National Park, Tel Be’er Sheva National Park. Masada is one of the must-see locations in Israel with its rich history and stunning views. The campsite also has it all! It’s equipped with full lighting, drinking fountains, barbeque area, bonfire areas (including firewood), fixed and movable tables, electrical outlets, mobile phone charging units, restrooms, showers, and a field kitchen with gas cooktops, sinks, and large refrigerators.


Yarkon Campsite

With lighting, electric outlets, cooking area, bonfire areas, firewood, coolers, water heater, mobile phone charging units, projector, screen, DVD, restrooms, showers, and rental mattresses, the Yarkon campsite has it covered! Feel free to go on a night cooking tour, lantern tour, or watch the movie screenings in the summer! During the day, you can visit the Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park, Apollonia National Park, En Hemed National Park, and Castel National Park. If you’re looking for a city adventure, then you’re in the right place because the Yarkon campground is located in Tel Aviv, so you can sleep in nature and spend the day in a bustling city.

Horshat Tal

Horshat Tal camp site

The Horshat Tal Campsite located in Kiryat Shmona is all the way up north, meaning there are countless unique hikes just a short distance away from the campsite. The Horshat Tal national park itself is a nature and recreation resort with natural grass and an ice cold lake perfect for swimming after a hot day. The campsite is also equipped with everything you might need including full lighting, drinking fountains, barbecue area, electrical outlets, mobile charging units, restrooms, showers, and a field kitchen.

Yehiam Fortress

Yehiam Fortress campsite

The Yehiam Fortress Campsite is a nature reserve in Kibbutz Yehiam with a beautiful shady walking path. Minutes away from the Yehiam Fortress National Park, visitors can spend the day in an impressive fortress with ancient buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods. You can continue with learning the history of the Yehiam fortress by hearing the story of the defenders of Yehiam during the Independence War. Lantern and fortress tours are also available when you book the campsite. With lighting, faucet for washing dishes, electric outlets, picnic tables, mobile phone charging units, field kitchen and a restroom, you can relax and enjoy the Yehiam Campsite. Keep in mind that there aren’t showers!

Tel Arad

Tel Arad campsite

Tel Arad, one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel, is home to the remains of a fortified Canaanite city and fortresses from the time of the Kingdom of Judah. When visiting Tel Arad national park, make sure to check out the water reservoir, fortifications, and remains of the Judean temple. Tel Arad is located at the eastern edge of Be’er Sheva and also is part of the Israel Trail. With its desert shade, campsite amenities, walking sites, great views of the desert area and the Canaan antique city, Tel Arad is a great place to camp and explore.

Amud Stream

Amud Stream campsite

The Amud Stream Nature Reserve, located near the Sea of Galilee, is the perfect place to camp if you’re looking to learn, explore, or just experience spectacular scenery. The reserve is packed with history from the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt, the Second Temple, and all the way back to the time of Mousterian culture (over 50,000 years ago). There are also many streams and natural pools of water that come together in the reserve with rich wildlife, especially in the springtime. Visitors are prohibited to enter the Skull Cave and Nahal Amud cave but there is still plenty to see from outside the caves. You can, however, enjoy the points overlooking Tzfat. The campgrounds are in the heart of the reserve with restrooms, solar lighting, drinking fountains, bonfire and shaded areas, and mobile phone charging units.

Achziv Beach and National Park

Achziv Beach and National Park campsite

Achziv Beach and National Park in Nahariya have a great combination of historical sites, modern restaurants, amenities, and plenty of lagoons and sea pools. Visitors can start off the day exploring ruins of the ancient fishing village and then make their way to the beach and sea pools. There are also cable cars descending to the crevices of the Rosh Hanikra site and a tourist train traveling between Rosh Hanikra and Achziv National Park. Rosh Hanikra also has incredible diversity of wildlife with sea urchins, octopi, starfish, fish and even dolphins! The campgrounds are within the boundaries of Achziv National Park and include picnic and sleeping surfaces, field lighting, picnic tables, drinking fountains, a barbeque area, restrooms, showers, and a field kitchen. If you’re looking to both swim and learn, Achziv is the perfect place for you!

Which campsites in Israel would you like to visit?

Camping is for everyone and with these beautiful, historical, relaxing, and adventurous camping sites, Masa hopes this helps you explore Israel in a way that’s right for you! Make sure to tag @masaisrael when you try out these camping sites and have an incredible time traveling across the country!

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