Christmas is right around the corner, and usually, what that means for Jewish families in North America is a night out or ordering in Chinese food. Apparently, this tradition arose because the only restaurants open on Christmas Eve were Chinese restaurants. Therefore, in honor of such a tradition, we’ve compiled a list of Chinese and other Asian cuisine restaurants so that if you want to continue your yearly tradition or perhaps even start it, you know where to go.  Join us on a culinary journey as we discover some of the best Chinese and Asian restaurants in Israel, curated with the help of our resident/colleague foodie, Keren.

The 4 Best Chinese Restaurants in Israel

Hai Phong –  Holon

Located in Holon, Hai Phong offers an authentic Chinese dining experience. Known for its authentic dishes and inviting ambiance, this restaurant is a hidden gem for Chinese cuisine enthusiasts. It also has fair prices and good-sized portions.

best chinese restaurant tel aviv, israel

Yan Yan – Haifa

Another great Chinese restaurant on our list is Yan Yan located in Haifa. It has a reputation for great service and a menu bursting with flavors. My friend, who lived in Haifa, suggested it and said, “Yan Yan is like entering a Chinese restaurant in New York City. It’s fun and delicious!”

Peking Duck House – Tel Aviv

Peking Duck House is your gateway to authentic Chinese cuisine in Tel Aviv. Featuring a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, this restaurant offers savory and spicy dishes with a real Chinese flair.

Long Sang – Tel Aviv

Long Sang, Tel Aviv’s oldest Chinese restaurant, offers a Chinatown-inspired atmosphere that adds to its charm. Be prepared to share your dishes as the portions are generous, making it a perfect spot for a communal dining experience.

Best Kosher Chinese Restaurants in Israel

Chinese Wall – Tel Aviv 

The Chinese Wall in Tel Aviv is a popular and kosher Chinese restaurant. Their menu offers a variety of delicious Chinese dishes, including affordable options and deep-fried fruit desserts. It’s a great choice for those seeking kosher and authentic Chinese flavors in Tel Aviv.

Super HaMizrah – Jerusalem 

Super HaMizrah in Jerusalem is an Asian restaurant worth trying. Their menu offers a variety of Asian dishes, and the friendly staff and reasonable prices make it a good option for a meal in the city.

best asian restaurants in israel

Nini Hachi – Tel Aviv

Nini Hachi in Tel Aviv is a great kosher Asian restaurant. They offer a diverse menu with delicious sushi, stir-fries, and noodles. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and attentive. It’s a top choice for kosher diners in Tel Aviv looking for tasty Asian cuisine.

The Sushi Place – Jerusalem 

“The Sushi Place” in Jerusalem is a hidden gem for sushi enthusiasts. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of sushi rolls and sashimi that are both fresh and flavorful. The quality is great, and the friendly staff makes it a pleasant spot for a sushi meal. If you’re in Jerusalem and craving sushi, “The Sushi Place” is definitely worth a visit.

Sheyan – Jerusalem

The menu at Sheyan is based mainly on north-Chinese cuisine and also includes dishes from Mongolia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. The kitchen staff is comprised wholly of Chinese experienced expert chefs who prepare traditional dishes in the utmost culinary integrity – with no compromises or shortcuts.

Best Asian Restaurants in Israel

Thai in Har Sinai – Tel Aviv

For those craving the bold and aromatic flavors of Thailand, Thai in Har Sinai is a must-visit. Whether you’re a fan of spicy curries or crave the freshness of Thai salads, this restaurant has it all.

Thai House – Tel Aviv

Thai House is another great restaurant where you can savor the authentic tastes of Thailand. With a diverse menu featuring classics like Pad Thai and Green Curry, you’ll venture on a culinary journey to Southeast Asia. They also have a great business deal lunch not to miss out on!

Giveret Kwaytiew – Tel Aviv

Giveret Kwaytiew is a charming Thai eatery located in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market. Operating more like a kiosk, they prepare your dishes right before you. The meals are delicious and hearty, offering an authentic taste of Thai cuisine in a bustling market setting. If you’re in the mood for flavorful Thai food, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Begopa Private Dinner – Kfar Saba

For an authentic Korean culinary experience, consider Begopa, a private dining option that stands out. This is the place to be if you’re seeking to try traditional Korean dishes with a unique twist. Simply reach out to them in advance, either by phone or email, to schedule your visit at a convenient time. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to explore Korean cuisine in a more intimate setting.

Which Chinese or Asian Restaurant in Israel Will You Dine at Next?

This holiday season, whether you’re celebrating a traditional Jewish Christmas Eve with Chinese food or simply looking to satisfy your craving for Asian cuisine, Israel has a variety of restaurants to satisfy your cravings. From authentic Chinese flavors at Hai Phong and Yan Yan to the exotic tastes of Thailand at Thai in Har Sinai and Thai House and the Korean delights of Begopa, there’s something for everyone.

Bon Appetit!

Bonus section for our Alumni!

Best Kosher Asian/Chinese Restaurants in America

West Side Wok & Konata Sushi Bar – New York City

West Side Wok & Konata Sushi Bar offers a fusion of kosher Chinese and sushi cuisine. With a diverse menu, it caters to a variety of tastes. The sushi is fresh, and their Chinese dishes are flavorful, making it a top choice for kosher diners in NYC.

Kosher in MidTown – New York City 

Kosher in MidTown is a poke restaurant that stands out for its fresh ingredients and flavorful bowls. Whether you prefer classic combinations or want to create your own, this place offers a tasty and healthy dining option.

Hamachi Sushi Bar – Chicago

Hamachi Sushi Bar in Chicago is a go-to spot for sushi lovers. Their sushi rolls are nicely prepared, and the sashimi is fresh and delicious. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking high-quality kosher sushi in the Windy City.

Beverly Hills Thai Kosher – Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Thai Kosher in Los Angeles offers a tasty combination of Thai and kosher cuisine. The menu features a variety of Thai dishes made with kosher ingredients, ensuring a flavorful dining experience.

Next Door – Los Angeles 

Next Door Restaurants in Beverly Grove is definitely not an Asian restaurant, but it offers a modern twist on Israeli cuisine inspired by the Fresh Market Culture. Their emphasis on top-quality ingredients and creative reinterpretations of traditional dishes make it a worthwhile dining choice for those seeking a fresh and flavorful experience.Sorry, not sorry. 🙂 

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