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Why You Need to Work and Travel in Israel this Year

Does the need to work get in the way of your love of travel? Thousands of people have found the best of both worlds in Israel. Working and traveling in Israel is easier than you think, and provides the perfect balance of advancing your career while exploring the land, people and culture of a new country.

Working in Israel allows you to be surrounded by inspiration in a sustainable way. As you gain professional skills, you can also immerse yourself in all that Israel offers: from the delicious Mediterranean food, to the stunning variety of landscapes, to the rich history and heritage of the land. While jobs in Israel are available in a variety of industries, would-be travelers often don’t know where to start looking for opportunities. With insight into several special resources, your dream to live, work and travel in Israel can become a reality.

How to Work and Travel in Israel 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the 10 best work and travel opportunities in Israel today:

1- Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a ten-month English-teaching fellowship in Israel. English-speaking college graduates have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israeli society, while helping to address the educational achievement gap in Israel’s social and demographic periphery. Fellows teach for a minimum of 20 hours per week, alongside a secondary Israel volunteer project of their choosing in their community, with access to other enrichment activities.

2- Israel Tech Challenge invites the Jewish world’s brightest tech students and young professionals to learn, intern, work and travel in Israel’s unrivaled high-tech industry. The elite program begins with five months of high-level tech training from industry leaders and segues into a five-month paid internship in a top-tier company, such as: Google, PayPal, Checkpoint, Intel, and more. Fellows gain exposure to Israel’s most cutting-edge technologies including FinTech, digital health, cyber security, bio-med and clean-tech. Fellows also enjoy accommodations in Tel Aviv, Ulpan programs, trips and social events.

3- Israel By Design allows fellows to create their tailor-made Israel experience, while connecting them with opportunities for personal and professional development. From teaching English to underprivileged youth, to interning at a Tel Aviv start-up, to eco-farming at Kibbutz Ketura’s algae factory, it’s your Israel journey to design. Participants choose where to live, their length of stay, and their activities.

4- MasaTech is an elite career program that places programmers from around the world with leading, cutting-edge Israeli tech companies. If you’re a programmer who’s looking for an opportunity to experience Israel like a local while getting hands-on, fully paid, work experience with the elite of the Israeli tech world, Masa Tech is waiting for you.

5- Urban Kibbutz Social Change is a four-month program bringing together young educators and activists to advance the values of equality, democracy and social change as they experience Israel.  Participants live communally in Haifa, and volunteer side-by-side with Israeli counterparts in various settings, including: agriculture, political/social research, journalism, and education.

6- Career Israel provides participants the opportunity to work and travel in Israel, while building their resumes. Participants are placed in top-tier internships, gaining the professional skills they need to advance their careers. Throughout the five-month program, participants live in the heart of Tel Aviv and explore the rest of the country with friends.

7- The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies facilitates cooperation between Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and other international researchers to solve challenges in water management, renewable energy and conservation, sustainable agriculture, ecology, and sustainable development. A premier environmental think tank, the Institute’s multi-cultural community generates real-time environmental research, while engaging in peacebuilding and environmental leadership training and dialogue. Participants gain unique professional skills, a global network, and an unmatched immersive experience to work and travel in Israel.

8- Destination Israel offers more than 1,000 internships in Israel’s most successful international companies, NGOs, and start-ups. The program’s dedicated team works one-on-one with participants to ensure they are matched with their ideal internship and provides ongoing support. Participants live in the most sought-out locations in Tel Aviv and enjoy Hebrew language courses and adventurous trips across Israel.

9- Israel Government Fellows (IGF), is a Menachem Begin Heritage Center initiative, offering exceptional young leaders a ten-month internship in Israel’s Government, policy think tanks, or public diplomacy and advocacy organizations. Based in Jerusalem, fellows also engage in exclusive seminars, Hebrew language instruction, and tours around the country.

10- Young Judea’s WUJS Israel matches young professionals with a five-month internship in the field of their choice. Participants gain a competitive edge in their career while living in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Top-tier internships are available in high tech, medical research, journalism, marketing, human rights, politics, finance, photography, film production, visual arts and more. Interns also have access to Hebrew language courses, field trips and networking opportunities.

Apply to Work and Travel in Israel with Masa

There are many ways to combine work and travel in Israel. Masa Israel Journey also provides subsidized grants, scholarships, and leadership training to support along the way. Now, it’s your time to choose which adventure to embark on.

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