Hi, I’m Ted Rosner. I attended the Masa internship program in 2022 where I interned at the International
Institute for Counterterrorism in Herzliya. I’m currently back in the United States living in New York and
will be returning to Israel next October to earn a master’s degree in government from Reichman
I was deeply disturbed by the brutal attack on Israel on October 7th. I am confident Israel will win the war
against Hamas and terrorism against the Jewish state. I hope the current rise in antisemitism will be
reversed and followed by a greater appreciation of the value of Israel to the region and in the world.

Since that tragic date, I have been involved in many events to support the State of Israel from America.
The Jewish community in Israel deserve the respect, support, and love of the entire world, and it is my
hope that even its most violent enemies will one day in the future change to finally appreciate both Israel
and the Jewish people.

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