By Robert Wiener
alt="masa israel teaching fellows natanya"After finishing 10 months in Israel in June, Lindsey Skerker returned to her home in Randolph having learned as much from the elementary school students she taught in Netanya as they did from her.
“Students are the best teachers,” she told NJ Jewish News. “They loved us trying to speak their language while they were trying to speak our language.”
Skerker was one of 25 American and Australian Jews working as teaching assistants in Netanya, where they helped third- through sixth-graders learn English.
They were part of a cohort of almost 200 young people involved in Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, a program for Jewish young adults between the ages of 21-30 to teach English in Israeli schools. Skerker was also involved in the Masa Hillel Fellowship, a fellowship program run by Hillel and Masa Israel to help build the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Continue reading Lindsey’s story in New Jersey Jewish News.

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