Henry Finkle, student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst

My time interning at VinciWorks in Jerusalem, Israel is best described as the single best learning experience of my life. On my first day, I discovered the best way to learn how to swim is to be thrown in the deep end. I believe interns are all too often put in a corner and given meaningless work, which only dulls their experience and drowns out any passion the intern may hold for said work.

From my first day at VinciWorks, I felt involved and that I had a voice in the work being completed. Being included in projects not only gave me tremendous first hand experience but gave me a passion for my work as I felt I was making a difference and leaving a positive and lasting impression on the world – no matter how big or small it may be.

I was presented with many opportunities during my time at VinciWorks, all of which I am extremely grateful for. I gained valuable insight into a number of different topics: ranging from compliance, General Data Protection Regulations, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and anti money laundering training all the way to researching new topics, time management, and how to better handle my workload.

It is reasonable to expect that you will not enjoy every project you are presented with. Despite any negative connotation that the previous sentence invokes, I strongly believe this is, in actuality, a good thing. This allows you to explore other areas of work that you otherwise would not. I entered this internship with a specific interest in marketing; however, left with a wider view of interests. This includes business as a whole, creating content, and most surprisingly to myself, writing. I did not expect the large amount of writing I would eventually be doing for VinciWorks, but came to appreciate it and find myself a stronger writer because of it.

VinciWorks gave me the opportunity to discover new passions, hone my skills, and become a better worker and person because of it. While I am sad the internship must come to an end, I am appreciative for the experience and hopeful to one day return to continue to do work for this organization.

About VinciWorks

VinciWorks is a leading provider of online compliance training and risk management software, providing training to hundreds of thousands of users across the world. The Jerusalem-based business was a key component for many business’ compliance with the recently implemented data protection regulations, providing online GDPR training to thousands of companies. VinciWorks’ interns play a big a role in the growth and development of the business while gaining valuable experience.

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