Venture to Buenos Aires for a semester and bask yourself in tango and carne or come to Israel and immerse yourself in more dance and food than you could ever imagine. You could spend your semester abroad and figure out Buenos Aires’ hip hood, Puerto Madero, in a day, or you could live in 1 of 3 of Jerusalem’s hip hoods. You can get with this: Or you can get with that: Within the hip hoods of Nachlaot, Rehavia and Talpiot you can dance, eat, create and dance a little more… …Or straight up chill at hundreds of cafes. However, not all people want to *chill* on their semester abroad. In Buenos Aires, you can dive into the cultural and historic institutions. Perhaps you’d visit the Casa Rosada, a government house rumored to be painted in cow’s blood! #Yikes If you’d rather spend your time differently, roam through the winding streets of Jerusalem where there’s more history than the eye can imagine (and surely more historic rumors too). Studying abroad means more than an exquisite history class. It means new flavors, new cuisine, new people, new languages and more. Buenos Aires can provide you all of this. You’ll eatcarne, Dulce de leche, drink wine and eat more carne. You’ll pick up Spanish and meet Argentinians galore. Then again, who wants to do the same routine for an entire semester? Jerusalem has culture on top ofculture that’s brewing with people from all sorts of different backgrounds. You can hang with people from Morocco, Russia, Hungary, Yemen and even Argentina. Like the diversemake up of people in Jerusalem, the food is alike. Think of Jerusalem as a melting pot of flavors. People from around the world have brought their traditional dishes and all you have to do is try! If you want to sharpen your Hebrew skills then go right ahead, but English is the third unofficial language of Israel. Whether you’d prefer to tango and eatcarne or dance until you can’t dance anymore while filling your stomach with food from every corner of the world, in a 5,000 year old city, the choice is yours.

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