From Participant to Leadership graduate to Ambassador, Annie is really the full package. We are happy to share her story and are excited to continue to watch her grow- maybe into the next Gal Gadot!

Q: What is your full name, where are you from, University/ degree you hold and the program you took part in?

My full name is Anna Rutman, but my friends call me Annie 🙂 I am from Belarus originally, but lived in Saint-Petersburg, Russia for 5 years where I finished my BA. My degree is in Public Relations and Advertising. I was part of the Career Growth program with Israel Way.

Q: What was your life like before coming to Israel on Masa?

My life was pretty intense. I was a chairwoman of the European Youth Parliament, and a tutor for our international students. I took on quite a lot during my studies; wherever I had a chance to try or explore something new I always took it! I thoroughly enjoyed my student life and made many memories that will stay with me forever.

Q: Why Israel?

Many people have asked me this question before and I still not have a clear idea of exactly why. I love that Israel challenges me every day, and that’s the best why I know how to describe why I came to this special place.

Q: What was one of your favorite moments you experienced during your program?

Hands down it was the Masa Leadership Summit. I was able to meet people from all over the World, and I my first public speech in front of 200 people which helped me to developed new career tools and skills. Networking and making friends was the most important part! I still keep in touch with fellow Leadership grads, having that network really helps when you make Aliyah!

Q: What was your program like, what was an average day for you?

I lived in Bat Yam and interned in Ramat Gan. During the week, I worked from 9 am to 5 pm and then I was going to the beach or hanging out with my roommates. On weekends, we would go to Tel Aviv…by foot, it was fun! I don’t think I have it in me to walk that distance now, but back then it was our tradition. We organized Shabbat dinners and some small parties on our rooftop. It was incredible time, I will never forget it.

Q: How do you think taking part in Masa helped you on your journey to a meaningful career and future?

It gave me connection in Israel and abroad which are helpful in growing both professional and personally.

Q: What are you up to now?

Currently I am working for Masa as an ambassador, meeting groups of young Jewish adults and speading the message of Masa to future generations! I also have a video project with my friend Yakov about Israel. You are welcome to check us out! It’s called “The Voice of Israel“. Right now we are working on lots of new material. We are very excited to grow and develop the voice further! Apart from that I am attending “The American Acting Center of Israel”, where I am learning how to act on a stage and in front of a camera. I love it! Hopefully, it will help me develop my public speaking and on camera skills even further!

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