People-watching at one of the many upbeat cafes in Berlin sure does seem exciting. That scene, however, is absolutely nothing compared to what you can see walking through the shuk in Jerusalem. At any point during the day, or the night, the city’s heart is always beating.

The Nightlife

Going out at night in Berlin is great and relatively inexpensive, but you can get the same thing and SO much more in Jerusalem. During the day the shuk is filled with markets, yet once the sun goes down they close up their shops and the entire street switches moods. You can turn down one side street and find a huge dance floor, turn another corner and smoke hookah, or find yourself in a hidden beer garden.

The Language

Although you will be able to find people in Berlin who speak a language other than German, it will not be nearly as convenient as it would be in Jerusalem. English is the 3rd unofficial language of Israel, so you won’t have to worry about learning Hebrew if you aren’t interested! 

The Weather

While Berlin may have its nice summer weather, winters in Berlin are brutal. Luckily, the weather in Israel is beautiful year round! When your schedule allows you some time to travel, you never have to worry about weather conditions getting in your way of having a great time. Just pack your bags and get going. 

Career Growth

While Berlin’s unemployment rates are skyrocketing, businesses in Israel is bursting. Gaining skills and connections in Jerusalem will give you the experience you need to sprint up the career ladder. You’ll be 5 steps ahead of the game when you return home. 

The Locals

Berlin’s crowd is cool and hip but also known as being standoffish. Jerusalemites are 180 degrees in the opposite direction. These people LOVE everyone. In no time you’ll find yourself having big family dinners and local friends. Think of the city as one giant family.

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