Everything You Need to Know About Israel’s Kibbutz Programs

Israel offers a wide variety of different experiences for those of you interested in exploring. Aside from being the start-up nation, Israel is also known for its kibbutzim – if you’re not familiar, a kibbutz is a collective community in which people live and work together for the good of that community. Typically, kibbutzim focus their work on agriculture or industrialism, having plenty of land and resources around. 

Hot tip: if you’re considering spending some time in Israel, consider joining an Israel kibbutz program.

On a Israel kibbutz program, you get to experience a very different way of life. You might come from a big city, small town, or somewhere in between, but odds are you haven’t experienced anything like living on a kibbutz. 

israel kibbutz program

If you’re looking for a way in, an Israel kibbutz program offers all of the above plus a comfortable framework that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Masa Israel Journey offers Israel kibbutz programs for people from all over the world that offers just that: a global network of friends who are experiencing the program and Israel in the same way you are, group-led trips around the country, Hebrew language lessons, and immersion into the heart of Israel. 

Interested? Masa offers two exclusive Israel Kibbutz programs

Kibbutz Ulpan is a 5-month immersion program in which participants learn Hebrew while living, working on the kibbutz, or interning or volunteering outside the kibbutz. The program runs in seven kibbutzim, each with their own specialty – all offering a unique experience that suits your preferences. You can choose between a “classic” Ulpan, academic Ulpan like Kibbutz Etzion Tzuba, or a religious Ulpan like Kibbutz Sdeh Eliyahu. You get to choose the location, lifestyle, session dates, and track.

The Kibbutz Ulpan Program has been running successfully for over 70 years, giving participants opportunities to make friends for life and create connections with people from all over the world. In addition to learning Hebrew, Masa Fellows are shown the unique way of life in the kibbutz, which exists only in Israel.

Hebrew classes (Ulpan) consist of 20-25 students who meet for a total of 18 to 24 academic hours (1 academic hour: 45 minutes) a week. All Ulpan teachers are licensed by the Adult Department of the Israeli Ministry of Education, and participants will receive an official certificate after completing the course.

Masa’s Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (International Dance Journey Program) hosts a unique 5-month international dance program known as Dance Journey. The program is open to dancers between the ages of 18 and 35 from around the world and provides an opportunity for professional development while dancing with KCDC dancers and learning from one of the world’s leading dance companies. Dance Journey is a recognized apprentice program by some academic institutions (this varies, so you should check with your college/university). Upon completion of the program, Fellows also receive an official letter of recommendation upon request.

To find out more about our Israel kibbutz programs, visit Masa’s volunteer programs page!

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