1) Quality Assurance Internship, Side-Kick Games:
At Side-Kick Games, an Israelbased game-development studio, an internship in Israel position is available to assure video game quality. Side-Kick Games works in the field of virtual reality headsets, Xbox360 Kinect, phones, tablets, and more. You’ll be divulging any bugs or mechanical issues directly to the management after working with the prospective game. In addition to gaming, you’ll be managing Side-kick Game’s web design.

SideKick Games

2) Strength & Conditioning Coach, Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club:
Stop any Israeli on the street and they will have heard of the storied Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club. This dominant franchise was founded in the mid-1930’s and has ruled Israeli Basketball ever since. On top of that, Maccabi Tel Aviv has carried their winning ways into the European League, winning their 6th and most recent Eurocup in 2014. Now is your chance to be a part of the team! Maccabi is looking for a Strength & Conditioning coach to train with the team and maintain their winning culture. Along with training players from the professional team, you’ll be assisting and training veteran and youth league teams across Israel’s flourishing basketball landscape.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club

3) Venture Capital Finance Internship, Incentive Incubator:
Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation”, but have you ever wondered how these startups start out? Much of the time, startups are nurtured by ‘incubators’ who help the company grow. At Incentive Incubator, startups at the seed-stage level are carefully developed and sown until they are able to succeed on the big stage. Over the last 8 years alone, this company has been awarded the Excellent Incubator Award, while having five of its matured companies receive the Excellent Incubator Company Award. Incentive invests in medical device companies, with a focus on Single-Patient-Use-Devices (SPUD), as well as in software companies, with a focus on scalable B2B solutions. In this internship in Israel, you’ll be assisting with due diligence on technology startups, market analysis, competition analysis, and deal sourcing.

Incentive Incubator

4) Communications Internship, The Abraham Fund Initiatives:
Many people dream of the day that Jews and Arabs will get along in the Land of Israel. The Abraham Fund Initiatives takes legitimate steps towards turning that dream into a reality. Since 1989, this nonprofit organization has worked to promote coexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. Over 25,000 elementary school-aged children have participated in their “Language as a Cultural Bridge” program to teach Jewish and Arab children alike to appreciate and respect the language and culture of their neighbors. With such deep grassroots in place, The Abraham Fund Initiative is offering a communications internship position, where you will gain valuable experience in fundraising, public relations, social media, and other administrative tasks.

The Abraham Fund Initiatives

5) Legal Intern/Paralegal, Gornitzky & Co.:
Founded in 1938, Gornitzky & Co. has been involved in many of the largest and most complex transactions in the Israeli market and has played a key role in the development of Israel‘s economy and legal practice. Gornitzky & Co. is consistently rated by leading international legal guides as one of Israel‘s leading law firms in multiple areas of law and is well-known for its extensive experience in all areas of commercial law. By joining their legal team as an intern, you will become part of one of Israel’s leading corporate law firms. You’ll be able to choose from one of their many global teams, such as corporate finance, energy, and high-tech and startup companies, and become an integral part thereof. Interns in Israel are viewed as an inseparable part of the team and are involved in many of the firm’s operations.

Gornitzky & Co.

6) Media Internship, IBA News:
There’s always a headline coming out of Israel, so why not join a news network based in the heart of the action? IBA News is an Israeli television station that has a reputation for being a top broadcaster of Israeli and global news in English. The Israeli Broadcasting Authority is seeking a media intern in Israel with a rich background in media and experience in journalism, writing, and film making. By joining this news station, you’ll become a part of the fabric of a highly respected news authority all over Israel. Go ahead, make the headlines.

IBA News

7) Mechanical Engineer, Eco Wave Power:
According to the USGS, about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. At Eco Wave Power, they take advantage of this geological reality. With the world progressing at an ever-growing pace, there is a need for new energy sources that won’t deplete the environment of whatever resources it has left. Enter Eco Wave Power’s cutting-edge wave power technology and all the benefits found therein. Since most of eastern Israel is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, this company sought to use their location as an advantage towards producing their energy converters. In fact, Eco Wave Power does such a great job in their field that they were awarded the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award in 2012. Professional training in Israel at Eco Wave Power will allow you to join a young, clean tech company in the field of renewable energy and get hands-on experience working with eco-friendly energy modules.

Eco Wave Power

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