Masa Israel Journey’s internships in Israel offer you the perfect combination of resume-boosting career development, personal growth, and life experience abroad. Find out what our alumni say are the top reasons to intern in Israel:

1. Real Responsibility, Serious Skill-Building

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“My professional development in Israel with the Ministry of Defense has not been one of sitting in meetings listening with an admiration of just ‘being in the room,’ but one of setting up my own meetings and pushing forward my own initiatives.”

Noah, Israel Government Fellows

2. Cross-Cultural Experience for a Globalized Economy

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“Anyone in a creative profession can benefit greatly from spending some time abroad. It opens the mind and heightens the senses.”

Elliot, WUJS Israel

3. Expand Your Professional Network

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“I was in the kitchen and the CEO would be there and we’d chat. He’d say boker tov. That’s something in the U.S. that I wouldn’t have been able to experience – to chat and work with the number one guy in the company.”

Martin, Career Israel

4. Prepare for Life in the “Real World”

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“Now, one year since my journey in Israel began, I am no longer the confused post-grad I was back then…I am more ready for the ‘real world’ than I could have ever imagined.” 

Tanya, Destination Israel

5. Challenge Yourself and Gain Independence

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“I became independent in a whole new light and learned so much about myself in the process. I had the opportunity to travel throughout Israel on my own and interacted with Israelis daily.”

Bailey, Career Israel

6. Find Your Place in a Global Community

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“Never did I imagine I’d meet friends from Brazil, Argentina, Russia, and Switzerland. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world. And living with friends at Beit Milman on one floor was like living with family. Maslul Ishi was my family.”

Felix, Itrack-Maslul Ishi

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