When I first moved to Israel five years ago, I was pretty convinced that I would always be doing my grocery shopping at Shuk HaCarmel or Shuk Levinsky in Tel Aviv. Whenever I visited Israel and its many shuks it seemed like all of Israel was there vying to find the freshest produce. However, when you move or relocate here, you will soon realize that not everyone does their shopping at the shuk because it’s not always the most convenient. Therefore, I have compiled a list of supermarkets, organic stores, markets, and online stores where you will be able to find everything you’re looking for as an alternative to the shuk. 

supermarkets in israel

Supermarkets in Israel open on Shabbat

Am:pm and Super Yuda – Am:pm is open 24/7, and you should be able to find everything here. Super Yuda depending on the branch, might close on Shabbat, but they are usually open in Tel Aviv on Saturday too. 

Tiv Taam: The Russian-speaking supermarket of Israel! This store is also open on Shabbat, and you can find various products that come from abroad and mainly from Russia. As a half-Hungarian, I found farmer’s cheese that neither other store carries…. One for the win!  

Kashtan Deli: This store is in Jerusalem and sells Russian products and cold cuts. 

Nut Station in Tel Aviv: This store carries nuts, dried fruit, different types of chocolate, olives, and flours – almost anything and everything that your heart could desire. 

nuts at the shuk in in jerusalem


Kosher Supermarkets in Israel: 

Victory, Shufarsal, Osher Ad, “½ Hinam”, Rami Levy: These stores carry most local/international products, so you can feel right at home. They are closed on Shabbat. Therefore, if you follow kashrut, these stores are a great option. Since some of these stores are larger, they aren’t located in the center of the city, but rather on the outskirts. 

Supermarkets in Jerusalem that cater to Anglos who might be missing certain foods from home: 

Super Deal and Super Moshava in Jerusalem are located in the Baka neighborhood, which is heavily influenced by the Anglo-Saxon community. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that it is in this area that you will be able to find some of the most American-looking supermarkets in Israel. If you ever feel a little homesick, these stores are for you. 

Organic Options: 

Nitzat HaDuvdevan and Teva Castel: These two are great options for buying organic produce and other healthy foods. They are closed on Shabbat and are significantly more expensive than if you buy non-organic. 

Neroli in Neve Tzedek: Neroli is like a mini Whole Foods for those who are familiar with the organic supermarket in America. They also sell organic fruits and vegetables, among other products. They also have a raw vegan kitchen, which sells some tasty, healthy foods – I highly recommend their raw vegan pizza!

Havivian Farm and Family: You also have the option to order fresh, organic produce from the Vivian Farm, and they deliver their fresh vegetables and fruit right to your doorstep. While their website is in Hebrew, you can definitely maneuver it by using Google Translate. 😉 

For most of these stores, you can purchase a “manuy”, a subscription, for the year, and you can receive discounts on your purchases. It is also helpful to know that most of these stores offer online shopping and deliver everything straight to your home. 

Alternative Markets

If you’re looking to explore other markets for a change of scenery, then you have a few options in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. 

Tel Aviv: 

Every Friday morning, the Shuk HaNamal takes place in the port of Tel Aviv. There you have the option to stock up on your cheese, veggies, and fruits, as well as tasty olives and nuts. There are also some well-known food stalls that you can try and enjoy. 

The lesser-known shuk in Tel Aviv, Shuk HaTikva is located in the city’s South and is an excellent option for cheaper products. There are also walking tours that you can combine with the shuk and the Central Bus Station, which is located close by. 

If you’re looking for Asian flavors, go to Shuk HaCarmel, where you can find the Asian Store. Here you can find a wide variety of products from all over Asia. 


The Farmer’s Market in Emek Refaim sells everything from fresh foods and produce to handmade accessories. The market takes place only on Fridays, and it’s absolutely worth going!

A Recap of the Supermarkets in Israel

To wrap things up, of course, you can always just duck into any “no name” store and stock up on whatever you might need. While this guide is here to help you gain a general idea, I encourage you to explore new shops on your own and fill us in if you find something new and exciting. 

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