Daria Liberman

Living in Israel since 2015

From São Paulo, Brazil

Program Carrer Israel, Tel Aviv

Internship: Marketing and Curator Assistant at MOBY, Contemporary Art Museum of Bat Yam

In 2015 I joined Career Israel program, chose to live in Tel Aviv and do an internship working with what I love, production and art. These 6 months marked a turning point in my life – from living in Brazil with my family to moving out of the country, being fully independent and meeting people from all over the world. It was a start to a new path.

Joining the program made it easier since day-1 because I wasn’t alone. I met people who became very good friends and had support coming from all around. Doing a Masa program was the key to understand a bit of the Israeli culture and the work environment before really deciding to move here. At the end of the program, staying in Israel was just a natural move.

My best memory is living with a few other girls in the middle of TLV, having fun and enjoying life. Masa helped me to “be absorbed” in Israel. Even if you are not planning to stay, is an amazing opportunity to have a new experience. To someone interested in joining a Masa program, I would say, why are you still thinking? Just come and see it yourself.

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