rebbekah gutman

by Rebecca Gutman, MITF (Bat Yam)

SO it’s been a while since my last post. Things have been picking up here.
Not only do we work in schools, but now we are volunteering in Israel as well, going to Ulpan (learning Hebrew) and have meetings with our pedagogical advisor. The new year has been filled with activity. We went on a tour of the old bullet factory (Ayalon Institute) on a Kibbutz. This was originally a training centre for people to later build their own kibbutzes. Always interesting to see how our ancestors built and survived to give us a place to call home.
As well we went to Barkan Winery (a Kosher winery) to see how their wine is made, as well as sample a few. Shout out to my dad for recognizing that this is the wine we buy from the LCBO back home.
Before this I also had my first Leadership track meeting for the JFNA in Jerusalem and going to my second one next week. In March, all the participants of the leadership tracks will be participating in a 5-day conference in Jerusalem.
Speaking of March, this is also when I will be participating in Sar-El week. This is a time when those who are not Israeli Citizens can experience a small, very minute fraction of what it is like to be in the army.
This week we celebrated Tu BiShvat. This is Rosh HaShana (new year) for the trees. We celebrate the trees and the fruit given to us by them. I was very fortunate to go to a dinner to celebrate this. Many fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts for the taking.
Other than this it has been smooth sailing.

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