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You’re invited to the “Finding Love in Israel” workshop hosted by the Masa Community, Tomer & Kris, and Ma HaLuz.

Everybody wants someone to love, but many people find it difficult to meet the special one.

How can one know if it is because he is too picky or because there are not enough options?

And maybe the reason is that it is not easy to move to a different country, with different culture and a different language.

In this workshop we are going to learn how to improve the possibility of finding a good partner for a relationship specifically in Israel.

What is important for guys when they are looking for love? What is important for girls?

You are going to hear many practical tips and in addition, you are all welcome to prepare questions you want to ask us.

15/02/2021, 20:00 through zoom, only for Masa Community members.

Registration is open until February 6, additional details for participants will be provided later that week.

All you need is love!

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