Working remotely in Israel? Israel is known for its unlimited locations to work, read, focus, and sit quietly amidst the bustle of daily Israeli life. Below are our top recommendations for cafes in Tel Aviv that offer a remote work safe haven. Let’s see how many you’ve been to and how many you have yet to discover.

Best of: Cafes for Remote Work in Israel

The Top 8 Cafes for Remote Work in Israel

  1. Little Prince Bookshop, Tel Aviv: If you’re a writer, or if you generally draw your inspiration from books, the Little Prince Bookshop is your new go-to. Stocked with shelves chock-full of books of every size, language, and color, and furnished with comfortable sofas and rugs of warm colors, this coffee/book shop duo provides a homey atmosphere. Work on your laptop, take a break with a good book, recharge with a cup of coffee – the Little Prince has it all. They also have an outdoor garden area where you can catch up with friends over a beer (for when you’re done working, of course). Remote work in Israel has never been easier.
  2. Jonesy Gardener: Referred to as a “secret garden”, Jonesy Gardener is tucked away in Nachalat Binyamin and offers digital nomads a choice of upstairs or outdoor seating. The hidden outdoor area is decorated with a canopy of greenery and fans, to produce a cool, shady place to work in the heat that usually covers Israelis in sweat. You know what that means… more outdoor work time for you! Enjoy the shady outdoor greenery and have a productive workday.
  3. Bucke: Bucke accommodates any mood you’re in on any given day: read inside or outside, do some writing, sit at a high top at the bar and buckle down on a project, lounge at an outdoor seat and people watch – it’s your call. If you’re working remotely in Israel, this should definitely be on your list of cafe rounds.
  4. Makers Green Coffee and Plants: Doubling as a coffee shop and plant store, Makers’ is the perfect space to gain inspiration from greenery. This cafe is truly one for locals and clientele who keep coming back, making it a hub of sorts for like-minded people. With an eclectic array of furniture, a record player spinning chill music, and all sized plants hanging around every area of the room, Makers’ welcomes you in with open arms and asks you to stay a while. What’s even better is that you can walk out of the cafe with a plant at the end of your stay – all plants are available for purchase! Set up your work space, grab a cup of coffee, choose your new plant-friend, and you’re good to go.
  5. Bookworm Cafe and Bookstop: Another bookstore – what better place to do some work? Bookworm Cafe offers a coffee menu, breakfast selections, and a wide selection of books. There’s an entire section just for books in English, welcoming remote workers in Israel and new olim alike. We’ve also heard talk of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but you’ll have to check that out for yourself.
  6. Cafe XOHO: If you’re looking for close proximity to the beach and some top notch frozen yogurt across the street (ahem, plugging in Tamara here), Cafe XOHO is for you. Located on Gordon street, XOHO is the perfect indoor and shaded-outdoor cafe that offers a lively breakfast spot on the weekends and a lush work spot during the week. The waitstaff is generally American so you get the best of both worlds here, and you’ll probably find other internationals working remotely.  
  7. Yom Tov Cafe: Walk towards the rumbling chaos of the shuk and on the side you’ll find Yom Tov Cafe. There’s something about a calm, quiet cafe in the middle of loud daily life that gives you the perfect balance of work concentration and a sense that you’re still part of the outdoor world. We’re big fans of their outdoor seating that lets you people watch and do your thing at the same time.
  8. Nahat Cafe: Nahat Cafe resides a block away from Dizingof Center, which is a win if you’re preparing for a busy day of work and errands. The owners of Nahat Cafe (big time coffee connoisseurs of 15+ years) pride themselves in serving their own coffee beans from top tier organic farms as well as their heavenly roasting techniques. Not sure which type of coffee to get? They’ll help you figure it out based on your preferences and mood. With views of Dizingof Square and an ambient indoor and outdoor setting, Nahat sets the mood for remote work in Israel. Stay long enough for the day to flow into your night out and you can get a beer or nice glass of wine to wrap up your work day.
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