Tisha B’av Educational Resources

The Hebrew calendar positions the theme of memory as a cardinal element and invites us to actively remember the painful places in our collective history as a people.
Tisha B’Av is a national day of mourning in which various catastrophes have fallen upon the Jewish people throughout the generations, with an emphasis on the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

This year, we will try to examine together the connection between pain and destruction and the renewed creation, and in light of this discussion, we will deal with the question of the relevance of this date today, in our personal, communal and national lives.

You will find here a variety of activities and texts that will help you with this –
1. Group Activity Sessions
2. Recommended Films and Events
3. Book of Lamentations (in multiple languages)

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or wish to learn more!
Masa Israel Journey

Tisha B'av Group Activity Session

This session (available in three languages) was created to have easily accessible tools that you can use with your fellows as a preparation for this unique date.

Recommended Films and Events for Tisha B'Av

Translations of the Book of Lamentations for Tisha B’av

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