What is the Translation Tachles (תַּכְלֶס) from Hebrew to English?

The Hebrew Expression of Straightforwardness and Practicality** “Tachles” is a Hebrew-Yiddish term that succinctly conveys the idea of getting to the point, speaking plainly, and focusing on practicality. While it has a literal translation of “bottom line” or “essence,” its true power lies in its ability to cut through complexities and embrace a no-nonsense approach.

Origin and Usage

The word “tachles” (תַּכְלֵס) has its roots in Yiddish but has become an integral part of modern Hebrew.

Straightforward Communication

When someone uses “tachles” in a conversation, they are signaling a desire for direct and honest communication. It’s a way to steer the discussion away from vagueness or beating around the bush. Saying “Let’s talk tachles” means “Let’s get to the point.”

Tachles” is not limited to formal discussions; it’s part of everyday language. Whether negotiating a business deal, resolving a personal issue, or planning an event, using “tachles” is a way to express a desire for clarity and practical solutions. 

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