Job Description

-Research Effectivate’s target vertical markets, relevant personas, pain points for each, and economic impact of status-quo.
-Adapt Effectivate’s story for each audience in relevant content assets: SEM landing pages, website, user-acquisition emails, SEO content, product templates, and more.
-Be the focal point of contact for in-product microcopy throughout the software
-Continually optimize the online conversion funnel to maximize lead generation across Effectivate’s markets, while ensuring lead quality levels.
-Drive the packaging of the Effectivate’s software for a frictionless onboarding product experience
-Understand the competitive landscape to correctly position what Effectivate is offering in the context of our USPs
-Be the main focal point for all content marketing aspects of the product across Effectivate’s online channels
-Work within a cross-functional team, in a fast-paced, highly dynamic environment, which is driven to action to meet their common goals


company outings; company swag; courses and trainings; flexible work hours; happy Hour; mentor program; relaxed dress code; Other; snacks


– Experience in Marketing
– Currently Studying or already has a degree in Marketing, Business or a related field.
– Highly Motivated

Company Description

Effectivate is a novel brain-training web app supporting the cognitive health of seniors. Naturally, as one ages many of their physical abilities decline, including cognitive abilities such as memory and attention. Unfortunately, this is a normal cognitive decline that affects the quality of life of healthy and independent seniors. Effectivate has developed a cognitive training platform designed specifically for users aged 55+. The program supports cognitive abilities by strengthening neural networks using research-based exercises, teaching and training memory techniques supporting everyday problems. Our customizable program prioritizes helping seniors achieve more success when it comes to brain sharpness and focus which ultimately improves their well-being and leads to a better quality of life. Due to Covid-19 we are now more relevant than ever.
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