Job Description

We are interested in someone who can dig in our material and do market research in our market. Who are our best customer profiles, and especially, how our technology helps managed security services providers (MSSPs). Following that, how our marketing materials need to be organized for MSSPs. Also, the intern will assist in amplifying the use of social media, mostly LinkedIN and Twitter, with frequent posts around our subject matter of data protection, data governance and regulatory compliance. He/she will be involved in many of the marketing and business development activities which includes a re-vamping of our website.


Native English, enjoys writing, open to learning, open to a startup environment.

Company Description

Minereye offers a unique patent-pending core cybersecurity solution for content identification and classification. It enhances the prevention of data leakage and malicious software intrusion identification. Minereye's uniqueness stems from its fusion of computer vision and machine learning technology; enable us to address these issues in a mathematical manner offering unprecedented results as existing solutions are based on heuristic data inspection. Our solution has already been vetted by the leading security providers and is expected to launch in conjunction with one of the leading providers in 2015.
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