Job Description

Support the IT team in maintaining hardware, software, and other systems.
Assist with troubleshooting issues and provide technical support.
Organize and maintain IT resources.
Lend IT support in areas such as cybersecurity, programming, analytics, and data center management.

We will be happy to help interns to learn about our industry, and receive a practical experience. Our team consists professional meteors, and we know how to give responsibility so the interns feel as a part of the team ” a piece of the puzzle”. We have a lot of patience, and different departments where interns can get a variety of knowledge and skills. Whoever is good we’ll give him a glorious recommendations to apply for jobs, which is what we have successfully done in the past.


Be fluent in English (mandatory); knowledge of any other UN language (French or Spanish)
is an advantage
Have completed their Foundation year
A work station should be available to you, including any necessary equipment, software, or technology.

Company Description

SolidBlock is a fintech and proptech startup which transforms illiquid assets into tradable financial products, which are easy to buy and sell, collateralize for securing loans, and combine into structured products (indexes). We're known for issuing the 1st-ever commercial property digital offering for $18M for a St. Regis hotel (ASPEN COIN), now trading on TZero.
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