Last week during one of the break our kids had a “celebrating 70 years party”! There were different stations, some kids were selling bamba, soup, falafel, and then there were other stations, decorating balloons and making confetti cannons. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I did not take pictures! I was too busy hanging out with all of the kids at the different stations. It has been really rainy and cold but at least it isn’t snow! There are beautiful rainbows though!

I started a project with my 6th graders. We are labeling the school! We wrote down all of the different places in the school and then I gave each of my students two places. They have to write the name of the place and decorate it! They really love it so far! Tomorrow and Thursday we will be finishing up the project by going around the school and putting everything up!


After school on Thursday, I went with Hope and Noam to Noam’s kibbutz (Nir David) for the weekend. It was a lot of fun! We relaxed for a good portion of the weekend and did some lesson planning. On Saturday, her Grandfather took a golf cart and brought us around to all of the springs and gave us a tour of the Emek Ha’Mayaanot or the Valley of Springs. Noam’s cousins came with us and it was nice meeting some of her extended family. Her other cousins stayed home playing Monopoly! We played rummikub with her Grandma later that evening.

Yesterday was my first day back at Gilboa school since my knee injury! It was so nice to be back and the kids really missed me! I had a great day and they really enjoyed the lesson I planned. This week I have an ABC-123 chutes and ladders game! It is like the regular game but with letters, numbers, and words they know and need to practice! They really loved it and so did my kids at Noam Neriyah.


Today I did the ABC-123 chutes and ladders game with my 4th graders and with my 5th graders I did pronoun pizza with them! The kids really liked it. I had tomatoes with he, she, it, we, they, you, and they tapped them on a paper slice of pizza. On the back I had them write sentences about pizza using the pronouns- they did great!!




I am looking forward to tomorrow!


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