What is the Translation of Ashkara (אַשְׁכָּרָה) from Hebrew to English?

“Ashkara” is a Hebrew slang term that has gained popularity, particularly among younger generations. It is used to emphasize the sincerity or truth of a statement. In English, it can be roughly translated as “seriously” or “for real.”

Examples of Ashkara (אַשְׁכָּרָה) in Hebrew

For example, if someone shares surprising news or a remarkable achievement, you might respond with “Ashkara?” to convey your genuine surprise or interest. The use of “ashkara” underscores that you are taking the statement seriously and want to know more or confirm its authenticity. While “ashkara” has a youthful and informal tone, it has become a common expression in informal conversations among people of various age groups in Israel. It adds emphasis and enthusiasm to conversations, making it a versatile and engaging slang term.

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