Our Picks of the Best Israel Travel Blogs


Ready for your Israel trip? Are you sure? To help you make the best of your time in the holy land, we’ve compiled a list of Israel travel blogs that offer everything you need to know (and definitely can’t miss) while you’re there. Yalla, let’s break it down by the main necessities: main attractions, art, food, drink, and of course, a miscellaneous section in case the first four don’t do it for you.




1. Let’s start at the beginning: Tourist Israel has compiled a bucket list of the best things to do in Israel. They open their post with the best places to “get vitamin ‘sea’” and then move on to historical sights, nature and wildlife, and museums.


2. Thinking out of the box? Read Atlas Obscura’s list of “Unusual Attractions in Israel”, which leads readers to a 2,000 year old wine press, the “Jewish Sistine Chapel”, and Harry Potter’s grave. Yes, you read that correctly. Atlas Obscura is definitely one of the more unusual Israel travel blogs.




3. Want to experience Israel through the eyes of an artist? Oh So Artsy is a travel blog that opens up the world’s most exciting art scenes through local guides. And guess what? Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv all made the list.


4. Israel21c is an Israel travel blog that offers everything from what to do in Israel to tech, health, and environmental updates – but here we’ll focus specifically on the article they wrote about the top 10 things for art lovers to do in Israel. This list has a lot more than just museums on it.




One thing you can’t miss out on while you’re in Israel: the food.


5. Let’s start with Tel Aviv. Telaveat offers exactly what it sounds like: where to eat in Tel Aviv. With drop-down lists allowing you to choose what type of food you want to eat, where you want to eat it, and what occasion you’re celebrating (does casual Tuesday count?), Telaveat is our top Israel travel blog for food.


6. Moving on – are you visiting Jerusalem? Fine Dining Lovers compiled a list of all their favorite restaurants in the area including street food, bakeries, and gourmet dinners.


7. If you’re looking for a more general landscape of Mediterranean food in Israel, check out Time Out’s Food-lover’s Guide to Middle Eastern Cuisine, where they list out “the best falafel, sabich, shawarma, kebab, jachnun, shakshuka, and of course, hummus in all of the Holy Land”.




8. Tel Aviv seems to be coming up a lot in this particular travel blog, but we won’t apologize when it comes to bars. Tel Aviv is known for its nightlife, and Culture Trip highlights the best bars around. Keep digging and you’ll find several other articles like where to find the most creative cocktail bars and the coolest dive bars.


9. We spoke too soon. Travel Triangle published an article not long ago that tells you exactly where you can “drink & dance your night away” – and locations include Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon, and Jerusalem.


A little bit of everything


10. TelAvivian has every kind of recommendation about Tel Aviv you could hope to find when researching these types of Israel travel blogs. Careful not to get lost in their massive list.


11. Fodors lists out what you should do, eat, and know, as well as where you should stay, in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They also have a forum where you can peruse people’s frequently asked questions and even post your own.


12. And finally, the holy grail of Israel travel blogs: Secret Tel Aviv. If you’ll be visiting Tel Aviv at any point during your trip (and we really hope you are) you should know that Secret Tel Aviv offers travelers everything they need from restaurants to shops to events happening around the city every day.


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