Shayne Birns | Masa Israel

Shayne Birns
participant year: 
Back in Fairfax after a life changing whirlwind adventure in Israel. It doesn't quite feel real yet, like any moment I'm going to wake up in my little room on the kibbutz, go to class or Pilates, be asked who has the laundry key, or hear someone in the Down Building getting scared. Home doesn't quite feel like home yet and everything seems so different. Maybe because I can read all the signs I see or because I don't hear Russian, Korean, Italian, French, and Spanish when I step outside my house. Or maybe because I am different now. What ever the reason I think I home sick already for my kibbutz and my international family living there. I can't begin to explain how all of the wonderful amazing people I got to know over these past 5-10 months have impacted me. It might have not been directly but each and every person taught me something, about dance, about myself, and about life, and helped me to grow. I am so incredibly lucky and grateful to have had this opportunity to meet everyone, to get to know them, and to grow with them. It has been such a great adventure, but it has ended to make way for a new one. I hope that my next adventure leads me back home and to cross paths with everyone again. I miss everyone so much and I hope to see you again soon!!!! Shayne Birns –usa