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Nir Buchler
participant year: 
Israel Government Fellows gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in Israeli society while being educated both formally and informally about my surroundings.
For my full-time internship, I was placed in the Prime Minister's Office in the Administration for National Civic Service. I witnessed policy-making firsthand and met with politicians, journalists, and scholars with a large spectrum of opinions about Israel. Because my work included visiting places where volunteers complete national service, I traveled to small Israeli villages where I had never been before and visited ultra-Orthodox Jews at their placements. From these encounters, I learned a great deal about Israel’s challenges and diversity.
Living in Israel in my early twenties was a new experience. As an adult with responsibilities, I had to open a bank account, call Bezek to install Internet, and take the bus to work in the morning. I felt part of the Israeli society and absolutely immersed in my surroundings.