Mila Margolina | Masa Israel

Mila Margolina
participant year: 
I gained a splendid level of Hebrew on the program, I really liked the Hebrew teachers.
Aside from the knowledge I got from the learning courses, the program gave me an irreplaceable experience of communication with other people and conflict situation resolution. Israel has taught me to think differently and extract the inner energy for creativity.
I would advise everyone who’s looking for new impressions, wants to get interesting knowledge, to get acquainted with the country. For those who haven’t yet finished the education in their country of origin it will be interesting, as it’s a great opportunity to get new knowledge in your field or a completely different field.
For those who already have a profession or professional experience this program will also be useful as it offers a lot of extra events such as meetings with famous Israeli characters (personal acquaintance), an opportunity to participate in self-improvement workshops, international conferences and festivals which are visited by most interesting people from all over the world.
A pleasant shock for me was an acquaintance with a famous astronaut Leonov during one of these festivals.
In general I recommend everyone who doesn’t like to beat about the corner and yearns for a change in life to take part in the program.