David Loving | Masa Israel

David Loving
participant year: 
Fall 2011
After finishing a business degree at SMU in Dallas, I went on a Birthright trip. As soon as I got back home, I knew I needed to find a way to spend more time in Israel. I decided to go on Real Life Israel because it is run by the same people that organized my Birthright trip and I already knew that I could trust them to put together an amazing Israel experience. And they did! 
I have an amazing internship at the Jerusalem Development Authority where I am working for City Hall to create a new program to encourage the growth of affordable housing. In one month, I have already met the mayor of Jerusalem and other important figures in the city government, the president of Hadassah college, and am scheduled for a meeting at the Prime Minister's office! Now that's a resume-builder!
Coming to Israel is scary for most people, but everyone at Real Life Israel has been really amazing and made all of us feel like family. It's definitely one of the best ways you can spend 5 months in Israel. My time here has been so wonderful that I know I'll be staying much longer, so come join me in Israel!