Kobi Oz: Prayer of the Secular (with educational guide)

Israel as Home
This post presents “Prayer of the Secular” by Kobi Oz, along with a printable educational guide including the Hebrew and English lyrics, explanatory footnotes for the lyrics, and guiding discussion questions. Written from the perspective of a secular person praying with a diverse group of Israeli Jews, including ultra-Orthodox, Religious Zionist, Traditional and Reform, the song raises important questions about Judaism in Israeli society, such as the role of women, the economic impact of the ultra-Orthodox, and the mixing of politics and religion. This song is from Oz’s album “Psalms for the Perplexed,” which mixes Jewish ideas and liturgy with secular sensibilities. The educational resources were created by the educational wing of the Jewish Agency, Makom, an organization that empowers community leaders to craft honest programming that embraces the vibrant complexity of Israel.
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