HaDag Nachash: The Sticker Song (with educational guide)

Israel as Home


Released in 2004, amidst the Second Intifada, this hip-hop song is a collection of Israeli bumper stickers representing the full spectrum of religious and political ideologies that make up Israel’s diverse and often polarized society. The music video presents stereotypes of many of the characters that possess these views, including ultra-Orthodox, Religious Zionist and secular Jews, Israeli soldiers and Arabs. In Israel, a society with strong identity politics, religious and political views are often deeply intertwined. The attached educational guide by Gabe Salgado contains the Hebrew and English lyrics, guiding questions, and a picture and explanation of each of the bumper stickers mentioned throughout the song. The lyrics were written by Israeli novelist David Grossman for Hadag Nachash, a Jerusalem-based hip-hop/funk band whose songs contain many messages about Israeli politics and society.

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