The Dare to Lead Curriculum Created by the Masa Leadership & Impact Center, Inspired by the Works of Rabbi Sacks z”l. 

The Dare to Lead Curriculum is designed by the Masa Leadership & Impact Center in partnership with the Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust. It integrates Torah texts and insights with leadership concepts, tools, and practices to form a flexible Jewish Leadership guide for learners and practitioners. With ten modules that include Jewish text, guiding questions, practical tools, and prompts for discussion, the curriculum can be adapted to a variety of settings: with a chevruta study partner, as a workshop, and in a more formal learning environment. Content can be applied to suit various timeframes, from producing a short message or tool to expanding to structure a full two-hour learning session – online or in-person. The curriculum, designed for teen and adult learners, offers a way of connecting the profound and enduring ideas of Rabbi Sacks’ Judaism to a practical and provocative way to lead. 

About the Curriculum Writers 

Drawing on their extensive Harvard Adaptive Leadership training, master educators Maya Bernstein and Sarah Mali piece together a unique leadership curriculum teaching us that the practice of leadership is profoundly Jewish and that to be Jewish calls upon us to lead. 


We’ve divided each unit into a facilitator’s guide, a learner’s guide, and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation to make this curriculum accessible, regardless of experience.




Click here to download units 1-5 facilitator’s guides, learners guides, and accompanying PowerPoints

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