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Interested to learn more?  Visit our website to see over 250 programs available to you or be in touch with Mirah, our North American Program Advisor   via email or schedule a call!

Kibbutz Ulpan

Kibbutz Ulpan is a 5-month immersion program in which participants learn Hebrew while living, working on the kibbutz, or interning or volunteering outside the kibbutz.

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Oranim – English for the Workplace

During this program, you will learn English and gain the skills needed to find a job in English in an international setting.

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Yahel Social Change Fellowship

The Yahel Social Change Fellowship is a service-based fellowship for young adults ages 22-30 passionate about social change.

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Masa Volunteers

When volunteering in Israel with Masa, you’ll engage in community service, cultural immersion, and impactful social initiatives, ensuring a meaningful experience.

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Masa – Project TEN with PZC

We bring together young Jewish adults from all over the world, in a program that combines ethical sustainable volunteer work with local communities & service-learning in the fields of international development, culture, identity, & Jewish activism.

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Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

MITF is a 10 month teaching fellowship that brings native English speakers to Israel to teach English while building genuine connections fostering hope, resilience, and enacting positive change to Israeli youth during these challenging times.

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What is Masa Israel?

Masa Israel Journey, a public-service organization founded by the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Israel, together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, is the leading organization in the long term Israel experience space with a diverse portfolio of 2-12-month study, service, and career development programs for young Jewish adults (16-40). Masa’s transformational, authentic Israel experiences, among the best in the international experience space, empower participants to develop as individuals, while also developing a robust global professional network that includes Israelis and Jews from around the world.

What types of programs does Masa Israel offer?

Masa Israel Journey offers 300+ study abroad, volunteer, internship, teaching and graduate programs in Israel. There truly is a program for everyone. We even offer the opportunity to build your own. To find the program that’s right for you check out our program finder here.

How much financial assistance does Masa Israel provide?

All Masa Israel participants are eligible to apply for universal grants. Some countries can also apply for needs-based scholarships. The amount available and type of financial support you receive depends on your country of origin, your age and the program you attend. Visit our Grants and Scholarships page for eligibility criteria and for information about what you’ll need to apply **Please note, you can apply for additional funding by checking out our list of Jewish scholarships for programs in Israel.

Trip Logistics

Am I accepted? When should I depart for Israel? When can my relatives visit? Where will I be staying? Can I extend my stay in Israel? All of these questions, and more, should be directed to the organizer of the program for which you have signed up. Masa Israel Journey is the umbrella organization that provides the funding for and support for long-term programs in Israel, but the actual trips are operated by a wide variety of educational organizations.

How do I get a grant from Masa Israel?

After checking you are eligible to participate in Masa (click here ) apply to your chosen program via Masa website. You will then receive a username and password to your personal portal where you can check your funding status, contact Masa and catch up on Masa events and updates. **Please note, you can apply for additional funding by checking out our list of Jewish scholarships for programs in Israel.

What support does Masa Israel provide before I leave for Israel, while I’m there, and after I come back?

Masa Israel provides simple access to immersive experiences that are as varied as Israel itself, and helps you navigate the entire process at every step along the way. Masa Israel offers a wide range of programs to fit every need and interest and can help match you to the most appropriate option. Masa Israel also provides grants and scholarships to help make the experience more affordable. The Masa Israel Community provides a built-in network for Masa Israel program participants through social events and other activities that give program participants the chance to meet participants from other Masa Israel programs. The Masa Israel Community also gives alumni of Masa Israel programs a chance to reconnect with their fellow participants and to participate in social and professional networking and service opportunities back in their home communities. Check out to see the opportunities we have for our program participants and alumni. Please note, you can apply for additional funding by checking out our list of Jewish scholarships for programs in Israel
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