About Lightrun

Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Start- Up
Lightrun is a hyper-growing business-to-developer (aka B2D) startup located in Tel Aviv. We empower millions of developers worldwide and help them in spending less time in debugging, replacing the existing long and iterative processes. We are a pack of fast-running, code-slinging, whiskey-sipping, cocktail-mixing, Wolt-ordering, hard-partying cheetahs, with a knack for building products that radically change how developers write software. We are looking for people to run with us through the wilderness. Our super cool offices are located near Ibn Gabirol St, in central TLV and we provide Cibus/Wolt, travel expenses, a fully equipped kitchen with snacks, drinks, and dinners. Check out our Instagram and Facebook profiles to get a glimpse of our lifestyle and fun times.

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